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The Struggles Of Dating A Guy From Another University


1. Never going on a real date.

If you’re lucky enough to see each other once a week because of your clashing schedules, dates consist of eating out for an hour or two or going to each other’s house and studying side by side without much talking. You miss the days you’d spend the whole day together looking for fun activities to do and not caring about time.

2. He doesn’t like your guy friends.

I know this isn’t just me, because I heard my friend have the same exact conversation with her boyfriend from another University.

Him: "I don’t like the guys in your school. They’re all so mayabang and angas."

You: "How do you know? You barely even talked to them."

Him: "I can just tell. It’s their vibe."

3. You can’t watch or talk about the UAAP without making each other pikon

I don’t know what it is about school spirit that just gets people so competitive. You just love to rub it in each other’s faces when your school is leading over theirs.

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4. Hanging out with each other’s friends without feeling OP. 

Before, you guys had the same barkada, so you had no worries about hanging out with his friends or vice versa. But now he's like, “Oh…Yeah… I totally hate that prof too…”

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You: *croo* *croo*

5. Getting jealous when you see other couples.

Great. Now that we don’t go to the same school, PDA is finally allowed?! You just hate seeing couples holding hands and being cute. Oh and those “secret” spots known for where couples make MOMOL? Yup. You will never be able to go there. 

6. Learning how to go out without him.

Your new friends are going out and either he can’t go or you don’t wanna be “that girl” who can’t live without her boyfriend. You have to learn to make new friends on your own,  know the difference between a date and spending time with your friends, and most importantly, pay for your own food and drinks.

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7. Getting hit on.

You’re at a college party or that inuman place next to your university and some guy hits on you. You say “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.” It’s not the getting hit on that’s a struggle 'cause lets be honest, sometimes it’s flattering depending on who, and sometimes it’s gross and annoying. But the worst is that for some reason, they always reply the same thing that always makes you feel bad. “Oh…Then where is he? Why isn’t he here?” in that smug tone. You realize you have no clue where he is, why he isn’t there with you, or why he isn’t even replying to you. Don’t worry, he probably has a good reason. No way would he pass watching over you in a party if he didn’t.

8. Learning how to get over being selosa.

He makes paalam or tells you he’s going out with his new friends and you know some of the girls are pretty. You don’t know these girls and they don’t know you. You start imagining the worst possible scenarios. If guys hit on you, girls must hit on him! Deep down you want to tell him not to go. But you have to learn how to not be selosa. Because like you, he’s adjusting and he needs to make new friends too. You trust him, don’t you? But that won’t stop you from asking him to change all his profile pictures to a sweet picture of the two of you...just in case.

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9. Going through the naggy demanding girlfriend phase.

“Who are you with?”, “What are you doing?”, “Why aren’t you replying?”, “Love me!!!”, “You never have time for me na...”, “Why don’t we go on dates anymore?”, “You’re always with them!” Do any of these sound familiar? It’s okay, girl. We all catch ourselves becoming the naggy demanding girlfriend. 

10. Needing someone.

We all go through those days. College is a stressful time for all of us. Sometimes you feel like you’re going through a breakdown and you just need him, whether as a shoulder to cry on, someone to hug, a person to vent to, or just someone to take your mind off things. But sometimes he’s busy and he can’t just drop everything when you need him to.

11. Missing him.

You miss him all the time. When you see his favorite food in the college caf. When you see a guy who dresses like him. When you see a romantic movie. And sometimes for no reason at all. Even 5 minutes after seeing him, you miss him already.

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11. Changing

Okay, being too busy for one another and getting jealous totally suck. But when one of you  "changes?" That's the worst. It’s almost impossible not to change even just a little, especially if you don’t go to the same college. You’re hanging out with new friends, going to new places, doing new things. Most of the time, YOU can get over the fact that you’re changing. The hardest struggle, however, is accepting that your significant other isn’t the same person you fell in love with.

But you know what? If you can get through this, you can get through the rest of the struggles that might come your way. :)

Dating someone from a different school? What are the other struggles you've gone through? Let us know by posting a comment!