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The Stubborn Girl's Guide To Moving On

Can't let go? Here's what you should do.

1. Unfollow him on ALL social media.
You don’t have to block or delete him, but it really helps to hide all traces of him, at least for now. Seeing his photos having fun without you will also make you super paranoid, so save yourself from the hassle.

2. Delete his number from your phone.
Out of sight, out of mind. It only takes a moment of weakness to spiral back down to square one. Delete his number before you drunkenly call or text him because that really won't do you any favors!

3. Stay away from his friends.
We know this is really hard to do especially if his friends are good friends of yours, too. But being around them will remind you of ~*HIM*~, and you do not want to break down in front of his friends! If they invite you to one of their parties, it's okay to decline if you're not ready! They will understand.

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4. Avoid places where you know he will be.
It may seem unfair that you have to miss parties or avoid some of your favorite places because of him, but it will benefit you in the long run. A casual run-in with him—intentional or not—will only make you feel worse than you already do. There are many more bars, clubs, and restaurants you can hang out in. Go there!

5. Don’t look back: mass-delete all text messages, e-mails, and chats.
Girl, stop torturing yourself. Keep looking and moving forward. It's the only way you will feel better again. It's time to close that chapter of your life.

6. Don’t wallow at home.
Go out and have fun! Now is the perfect time to rekindle old friendships and meet new people. But keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to put yourself out there and enjoy yourself, not to look for a new boyfriend.

7. Be spontaneous.
Take advantage of piso fare promos. Book a solo trip to Bali or plan a barkada adventure to Palawan. Traveling is a great way to get over your heartbreak.

8. Learn a new hobby.
Channel all your emotions and energy into something productive. Join a dance class, learn how to cook, or try archery. These are all great ways to blow off some steam. Who knows, you might find your calling, too!

9. Indulge yourself.
It's okay to be selfish sometimes. If shopping is going to make you feel better, do it (as long as it's within your means.) If you're on a diet, treat yourself to a cheat day. Don't let the guilt eat you up.

10. Fake it 'til you make it.
Posting patama status messages on Facebook or photos to make you ex jealous may make you feel better for a while, but it's only going to get you so far. Take the high road and do things that will genuinely make you happy. Don't think about how it will affect him. Focus on yourself. Happiness is the best form of revenge.

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