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There's A Condom That Will Guarantee A Woman Orgasms Every Time

How much does it cost and where do we buy it??

Fed up of not being able to come during sex? There's a new female condom that promises to guarantee an orgasm every single time. That's a BIG statement.

US-based condom creators IXu LLC are behind the potentially life-changing product, which is likely to be on sale in Europe within the next year/18 months. But what's its secret?

The "VA w.o.w.," as it's called, is a heart or star-shaped sleeve with a miniaturized vibrator affixed to the opening. It works just like any other female condom, and can be inserted into the vagina up to eight hours prior to having sex, acting as protection against both pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases. All sounds GREAT so far.

But it seems that little vibe works absolute wonders, if the statistics are anything to go by, anyway. Surveying 50 couples who used the VA w.o.w, 70% of women had an orgasm the first time they included it in their steamy session. 84% of women orgasmed by round two, but by go number three there was a staggering 100% orgasm success rate for the ladies. Which, given it's thought that only a third of women regularly orgasm during sex, is a pretty impressive outcome.

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So panic not, women who don't tend to reach the big-O on the reg. Just wait 18 months, invest in the sexiest piece of tech you'll ever hear of, and you'll be coming all over the place before you know it.

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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan UK. Minor edits have been made by the editors.