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These Little Girls Gave Guys Pretty Good Dating Advice

Kids always speak the truth, after all.

Remember those sassy little girls who helped women get ready for a first date? Because they were such a hit, decided to seek more help from them only this time, they had to deal with guys who need texting advice for their crushes.

Three guys—Ramy, Cory, and Christian, sought help from Nina, 5, Lulu, 5, and Judith, 6. From all the hilarious conversations they had, we picked up three dating tips from the tiny tots:

Speak your mind.

“I met a girl and I texted her but it always takes her two days to text back. How do I tell her that is a problem?” Ramy asked. “Just say problem!” answered Nina.

Be big on compliments.

“I think that you should say that 'you’re really pretty,'” said Nina. “Really, if I tell her she’s pretty, you think she’ll say ‘yes, thank you?'” asked Cory. “Even though she’s not. Maybe she’s still pretty,” added five-year-old Lulu.


Be patient.

“But what if she’s not texting back?” asked Ram. “She’ll just text you, SHE KNOWS!” yelled Nina. YASSS GIRL.

What can we say, these girls are stinkin’ cute and hella smart. Watch the hilarious video below:

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