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Do You Buy New Clothes For A First Date?

PHOTO: Cadu Maya

When we’re dating or in a new relationship, we always want to put our best foot forward. For example, some women might take a while to feel comfortable showing their bare, makeup-less face to their new partner. We’ve come up with a list of things you absolutely do NOT need to waste your money on for the sake of impressing your new boo.

1. New clothes

Don’t deny it! You know what we’re talking about. Your closet might be full, but all your clothes just aren’t good enough. So what do you do? You go on a first-date shopping spree. And it’s never just a cute top; it’s an entire outfit! Ipunin mo na lang pera mo, girl. Most guys don’t even notice this stuff! Sure, put in some effort, but there’s no need for a complete wardrobe change.

2. Lingerie

We admit, lingerie can feel empowering; however, it can also be financially crippling. Depending on where you get it from, a good quality piece can cost around P700. That adds up if you buy a new one every time you want to excite him in bed. We are all for spicing up your sex life, but you know what’s cheaper than new lingerie? Being naked. And it works. 


3. Car or condo fluff

All the cool and chic things you buy to make your space look more presentable. Whether it’s your car or your condo, or even your work area, when we’re with someone new, it always feels like we’re on display. No, you don’t need six different kinds of air fresheners. Your bed sheets were good enough for you and they’ll be good enough for him.

4. Money you spend to prove you’re adventurous

Camping? Let’s do it! Mountain climbing? Game! Scuba diving? I’m down. Food crawl in BGC? Of course. During the honeymoon stage of any relationship, we want our partner to know that we can keep up and we’re invested in what he or she wants, so we say yes to everything. RIP bank account. Remember: it’s ALWAYS okay to say no.

5. 'Ganda points' gifts

You so badly want to be a part of his life so during game night with his friends, you buy them all pizza and beer. Or you buy him new shoes because he’s been complaining about his old ones. Or you do his groceries because his refrigerator’s looking a little empty. UNNECESSARY. 

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