16 Things You Go Through When Your Best Friend Gets A Boyfriend

You're dropped like a hot potato.

1. She hardly talks to you anymore. She’s all about her boyfriend now. Which is okay. Whatever.

2. You guys don’t hang out anymore. She’s got date nights and weekend dates. And you got…yourself and your movies.

3. You feel replaced by the boyfriend. You met her first. You guys grew up together. You knew everything about her. You were the ones inspiring each other to follow your dreams. And then you’re dropped like a hot potato?!

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4. You initiate the conversation all the time, but you don’t even get any replies. Nope, you’re not seen-zoned. She doesn’t open your messages! What gives? Why is she even online if she’s not going to reply on chat?! Is she so busy chatting with Miguel? Yeah, probably.

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5. You don’t have your best friend to talk to even when you need her. Okay, you’ll just suck up your problems or cry on your own.

6. You feel used when your best friend only messages you when she’s got a problem. Now she only talks to you when she needs you?! Ugh. You just want to go:

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7. You feel lonely as if you don’t have other friends. Maybe it’s time you reach out to other people more?

8. Okay, you try to find someone who can be your (other) best friend! This shouldn’t be so hard.

9. You open up to this friend and get the hang of it. You think, “Why weren’t you my best friend?”

10. You wonder if you should confront your best friend. If you’re so bothered by her behavior, she needs to know how she’s been, right? Besides, her life can’t revolve around her guy.

11. After deciding to confront her, you wonder if you should be frank about being ditched, or just be passive aggressive and tell her you miss her. You tell her you miss her. Duh.

12. Your best friend says she misses you too and wants you guys to hang out. Finally, your coveted girly time! YOU. ARE. EXCITED!

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13. Your best friend flakes last minute “because she’s busy.” Oh no she didn’t! Well, she actually did. You get even more pissed at her now.

14. You decide to live your life without her anymore. #4-6 and 12-13 keep happening. So FRIENDSHIP’S OVER! IT’S FINAL!!

15. Your best friend suddenly opens up to you about boyfriend drama. You’re there for her, no questions asked. It hurts you to see her sad and miserable. More than that, being there for her is the right thing to do.

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16. Your best friend reaches out to you for no reason other than to ask how you’ve been. You feel some distance, but you like that you can pretty much still be honest with each other. And for a while things between you guys are okay—as okay as friends growing apart.

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