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Things You Should Never Say To Couples Who Don't Want Kids

"Won't you feel lonely?"

Because Part I wasn't enough, we came up with even more things we've heard people say to kid-less couples:

"Are you sure? Before it's too late!" Yes, we're sure. We're adults who've made our decision long ago.

"What do your parents think?" First of all, our lives no longer revolve around our parents' opinions. Second of all, they respect our choice.

"Won't you feel lonely?" We have each other. And we're busy people, so we don't have time to feel lonely—in fact, we don't.

"What will keep you together if you had major fights or wanted to break up?" There are things called love and couples therapy. Go check them out.

"What about your childhood dream of having a family?" Didn't you want to be Wonder Woman when you were little? What happened to that?

"Won't you get bored of each other?" You can get bored of the love of your life? I mean, okay, yes, you can. But we have friends and officemates and family. We are social beings, FYI. 

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"But kids are great!" Yeah, they are. But we don't have to have kids to be able to play with kids. We have nieces and nephews.

"Kids will make you happier." Okay?? Cats make us happier too.

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"Don't you think you're being a little too selfish?" For not wanting kids? We give ourselves to each other, our work places, and the community. Selfish, really?

"You just don't want kids? Or you can't have them?" You did NOT just go there. Just 'cos we don't want kids, doesn't mean we can't have them.

"Are you scared?" Of being in the hospital and about to give birth? Of raising children well? Who isn't? But that's not why we don't want kids. We just don't want them.

"They will make you feel like a team!" We've been a team ever since we got together, and we will continue to be a team even without kids. BTW, this is a team decision.

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Sh*t People With Kids Say To Couples Without Kids