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This Is How You Assert Yourself In Your Relationship

'Understand your worth.'

Do you feel like you’re being taken for granted in your relationship? Do you feel too powerless to do something about it? Here are ways to help you voice out your concerns and stand up for yourself–without initiating a fight.  

Acknowledge your feelings.
Take a moment to assess where you stand in your relationship. Then let your partner know, so you two can work on any issues together. Repressing your thoughts will only make it worse in the long run. 

Communicate properly. 
It’s important to define what you want clearly. Don’t be ambiguous with your request; your partner is not a mind reader. Tell him what you want in a way that's very understandable. Use phrases such as "I feel" or "I want" and always make eye contact to communicate with your partner in a non-verbal way. 

Keep a journal.
Start documenting the times you asserted yourself and the responses your man or other people gave you. That way, you can see which strategies are more effective and you can better plan how you’ll react during future arguments or discussions. 

Understand that you matter.
When you’re not confident about your worth, you'll think that you have no right to be assertive with what you want. In a relationship, both of you matter, and both of you deserve to voice out your concerns without feeling bad about it.

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