How To Make Yourself Orgasm While You Sleep

It's the dream!

An orgasm while you sleep, aka sleepgasm. It's the dream, literally. So how do you make yourself have it? 

Because Broadly is all about the greater good, they spoke to Dr. Debby Herbenic from the University of Indiana to get the real scientific lowdown on how exactly you can improve your chances of a nighttime orgasm.

Apparently, if you want to increase your chances of a sleepgasm, you should try to sleep on your stomach. It also helps if you haven't had an orgasm in a while, and if you're tired. For some reason.

But if you're staying up for days, sleeping on your belly and avoiding conscious orgasms at all costs in an attempt to have a sleepgasm, and you're still having no luck, don't worry. It might be down to your age.

Apparently, women in their 40s and 50s are the ones who experience them most frequently. So the best is yet to come.

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Aren't our bodies good to us?


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