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This Study Says No Woman Is 100% Straight

Attracted to beautiful ladies? Totes normal.

We've asked you if you were EVER curious about being intimate with another woman, because it's been observed by many that female sexuality is fluid. Females seem to have no line between friendship and deeper levels of intimacy.

Well, if you've ever been bi-curious or you can't remember if you were when you were much younger, this study might enlighten you. Published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the research by the University of Essex suggests that women (those who claim they're straight and those who claim to be lesbian) are aroused by attractive women. The degree of arousal varies, but it's there. 

How'd they know this, exactly? The researchers got 345 women who identify either as straight or lesbian, and they got the women to watch videos of attractive men and women. They then tracked what the women were looking at, if their pupils were dilated, and if they were getting wet down there. (And they did.)

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But before you jump into any conclusions or suddenly question your sexuality ("I'm really just into guys!"), take note that finding another woman attractive doesn't mean you want to date her. You just find her pretty, period. Or you might want to look like her.

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More than that, the study does have its limitations. The first: The 345 women have similar backgrounds (from their ethnicity, educational attainment, political views, maybe even social class), so CLEARLY not all women are represented. The second: Wetness down there doesn't always mean the woman's aroused. (Just as how guys getting a boner doesn't necessarily mean they're aroused or horny.) Your genitals can practically respond to anything!

Still, you can say it holds that your sexuality is pretty fluid.

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