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OMG! Timothée Chalamet Has Allegedly Been Browsing Cartier Engagement Rings For Kylie Jenner

Also, Kylie's ex Travis Scott reportedly doesn’t have a strong opinion on this relationship.
timothee chalamet and kylie jenner
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In case you couldn't tell from their public makeout session at the 2024 Golden Globes, Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are smitten.

Us Weekly spoke with several (!!) sources recently about the state of their union—one of whom said "Timothée and Kylie are madly in love." Meanwhile, another mused, "Timothée is always making Kylie smile."

Insiders also shed some light on the timeline of it all, saying Kylie and Timmy began hooking up in early 2023 and things "faded in and out" until they got serious in the fall. Like, to the point where he's met Kylie's kids.

"Timothée has met them in group situations where there were other family members or friends around," one source dished before adding, "It hasn’t been anything where it’s just Kylie, Timothée, and the kids in an intimate setting. And she introduced him as one of Mommy’s friends. Kylie feels like it’s [still] too soon to let them know anything about their relationship."


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Meanwhile, things seem to be going well between Kylie and her ex Travis Scott, as yet another insider dished, "When Kylie and Timothée first started dating, Travis made a comment in passing that he doesn’t see it lasting, but he hasn’t mentioned anything since. Travis is a great coparent, and he doesn’t have a strong opinion on Kylie’s relationship. He’s dating a lot of women at the moment."

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Oh, and another insider noted that "They’re getting very serious and very much in love," while a "fourth source" revealed that Timmy has apparently been browsing for Cartier engagement rings. That said, a different source seemed to deny the rumors. Either way, "When they can’t be together, they text every day" and "They FaceTime and have long, late-night calls when they can. They can spend hours on the phone when they’re not together."

Soooo, yeah. Things are serious to say the least!

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