Tinder Tales You've Probably Never Heard Before

We asked Cosmo girls and boys to share their funniest/weirdest/hottest Tinder experience.

We asked Filipino Cosmo girls (and boys) to share their Tinder experiences. While many of you were too shy to share your naughty Tinder adventures or even admit that you’re swiping, we found a few interesting stories to share.

Grab Taxi

While on vacation in Europe, I was enjoying my nightly Tinder dates. After spending the day with a friend, I went back to my hotel and immediately turned on my WiFi to check my Tinder matches. I was excited to “book” my Tinder date that night. As I was replying to my messages, there were a lot of aggressive guys who just went straight to hook-up proposals, so I eliminated them right away. One guy was nice enough to ask about me and my interests, so I focused on him. He said he wanted to see me that night, but was still at work. I said, “Sure, let’s see each other after your work.” I asked him where he was and he said he was in a cab. I said, “Oh, are you on your way to our meeting place? I thought you are still working.” He answered, “Yes, I’m still working. I’m in my cab.” Turns out he was a really hot cab driver! -Rose, 37   

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From Rated G to Rated Grr…

I swiped right not because of his looks, but because he posted a really funny photo of my favorite childhood cartoon. When we matched, I immediately asked him about that photo, and we chatted on Tinder for hours. I made it clear that I wasn't looking to hook up, and he said he understood. We had so many intellectual things in common and didn’t run out of things to talk about. We really hit it off! He was heading back to the US in a few days and wanted to meet before he left. That’s when it got fishy. I was trying to keep it casual by suggesting afternoon coffee, but he kept suggesting that we meet in his hotel, or that he’s busy the whole day and can only meet at 10 p.m. onwards. We kept trying to set up a meeting for the next few days, but he kept nudging it to after 10 p.m., while I insisted on afternoon coffee. I eventually got frustrated and lost interest. He stopped messaging as well. -Didi, 34

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Coffee coffee, 'pag may time

I’d been flirting with this girl on Tinder for days, and we were both very clear with our intentions. I work for an international firm, so my work officially starts at 6 p.m. daily. She has an erratic work schedule as well. The day we decided to meet, our only free time was after lunch, so we met up at Starbucks for coffee. Things escalated fast, so we decided to ditch coffee and go straight to a motel for an afternoon hookup. -Frank, 33

Success Story

My ex of seven years broke up with me. I was devastated. Two days after he moved out, I was feeling bored and lonely, so I tried Tinder for the first time. Within an hour I found this guy who seemed to like the same stuff I do, and who also seemed very much in command with his life. We swiped right for each other. After a few messages, I gave him my number. He asked me out to coffee that same night. We talked for three hours straight. We’ve been inseparable since then, and would you believe it, it’s been eight months! -Elle, 27

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Tinder Apocalypse

I opened Tinder after a very long time and saw hundreds of matches that I didn’t swipe right for! It must have been a Tinder glitch because I got matches from all over the world, to the point that my phone crashed several times. I got so many crazy matches—instant marriage proposals, cheating guys who were married or in a relationship, and guys who threw me weird pickup lines. My friend who Tinders also encountered the same glitch. She told me that people now install Tinder bots, just like those fake Instagram accounts that automatically follow you and like your photos to lure you to click on their spam links. We also saw accounts of people selling property, insurance, and multi-level marketing. What’s happening to Tinder?! -Jazz, 25

'90s Tween Crush

I found my '90s childhood crush on Tinder. When I was 11 years old, I would totally die whenever I watched him on TV. When I saw him on Tinder early this year, I swiped right immediately. Lo and behold—he swiped right for me as well! It’s like I was a kid again. I was fumbling through our conversions and ended up sounding so jeje, but he still asked me out! I died, I swear! I’m a single mom and couldn’t find anyone to take care of my kid that day, so I had to back out of our date. But I was so happy that after all these years, my teenybopper crush finally noticed me. I’m hoping he’ll ask me out again. -Honey, 30

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My girlfriends and I always share and compare the craziest and most desperate pickup lines we’ve gotten on Tinder. This is by far my favorite: “Hi, pretty eyes. I want to keep this honest from the beginning. I don’t want a relationship of any kind. I want to be your sideline hoe [smiley]. Simply fuck your brains out on the side, while you go out and date and play games with all the suckers who are trying to impress you. Let me know if you are interested. If not, take care [smiley with shades].” In fairness, his grammar was decent, unlike the countless others. No, I didn’t reply, but I always wondered if his line worked on other girls. -Bella, 28



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