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Top 10 Games You Can Play With Your Guy

And we don't mean mind games or playing the field. Some guarantee a fun weekend indoors without taking your clothes off...yet.

When you and your guy are saving up for something (or, simply, saving), it's nice to exchange your regular weekend dates at, say, The Fort or Greenbelt, for something simpler: staying indoors. Aside from bedroom, action, there are lots of ways you too can have fun together at home: watching DVDs, cooking together, and, yes, playing games. Engage him in something he's interested in and you're sure to have his 100% attention for the weekend. It's fun engaging in a little bit of competition, too, as it brings you closer and adds thrill to your relationship...not to mention to your sex life. Try playing these games together for a more comfy, happy weekend together.

1. Wii / Xbox


You’ve seen him spend the whole Saturday in front of the tube just playing his video games while you’re left wondering what it is about the darn thing that eats up all of his time. As they say, if you can't beat him, join him! If he’s into Wii Sports, you’ll probably get a kick playing it with him as it gives you a work out at the same time--what with all the arm-swinging you have to do!

2. Basketball
He’s at the court every single day shooting hoops with his buds while you’re at the bleachers waiting (im)patiently until he finishes. Why not challenge him to a one-on-one game? It's a chance for you to learn the sport and spend a different kind of bonding time with him. You might surprise you both with how good you are at playing ball.

3. Twister
This is fun to play, especially with other couple friends. It involves a mat spread on the floor with a spinner that dictates which body part you should put on the colored circles spread out on the mat. It allows you to socialize with couple friends and bond with your man at the same time. And it’s fun to see just how flexible your honey could be.

4. Board Games
From classic ones like Pictionary and Monopoly to the newer Sex And The City, board games will never go out of style. They're a good way to relax and unwind with your mate while allowing you to exercise another organ, too (your brain, of course!) Make it more romantic by bringing red wine and cheese to the setting, as you sprawl on the cozy carpet. You never know where the board game might lead to.

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5. Chess / Checkers

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Don't dismiss this classic game as a bore. For couples who crave a mental challenge together, this is guaranteed to stimulate your brains. And, if you're observant enough, it'll clue you in on how your guy thinks and strategizes when faced with obstacles.

6. Paintball
If you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind getting dirty, try bringing your honey to a Paintball Camp and enjoy a few hours of exhilarating fun! Just don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothes and loads of water for freshening up after a round of running around, hiding, and shooting paint pellets.

7. Billiards
Just like with basketball and video games, engage him in something he spends much of his time in. A lot of guys have a thing for billiards that boggles the female mind (or at least those who are not into this fun sport yet). Challenge him to a game of pool and make it harder for him by looking all sexy: Show him a little skin to distract him when he tries to go for the next ball. Make him drool with your own moves at the cue stick and show him who's the master.

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8. Hide And Seek


Play this all-time favorite children’s game with a sexy twist. The person who gets "caught" the most number of times has to give the winner a full body massage and be a "sexy" slave for a day. Or why not try playing hide and seek of sorts on your body: find an item in each other's body by groping the other all over.

9. Strip Poker
Dare we say more? Just make sure to keep the doors locked, ladies. To make the game a little more exciting for your man, wear several layers of accessories and tops so you could keep your mate playing (and stripping you) all night.

10. Body Shots
While usually played by a group of couples, you can always play this game one-on-one with your man. Discover yourself and your partner’s wild side as you down shots and lick salt off the sexiest parts of your body. Don’t forget to suck lime from each other's mouth now!

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