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Top 5 Beauty Moves Guys Don't Get

It takes extra effort to look damn fine, but pushing the look further may produce less-than-desirable results.

Fake All Over

“Fake boobs and Botoxed lips. I don’t understand the fascination with this combination. It seems like Hollywood is the biggest culprit in influencing women’s looks. This may sound cliché but beauty goes beyond what is seen on the outside. If you are confident about yourself, it’s sure to shine through!” —Dustin, 24, student

Makeup Overload

“Too much makeup looks weird to me. I never understood why it takes girls so long to get ready. Dolling up for a date is okay, but spending too much time getting ready just ruins things from the get-go. So, quicken the pace and just see what happens from there.” —Jason, 23, student

Stretching It

“I don’t get how women can think that fake-looking, stretched-out faces and pale white skin are actually attractive. They should learn to not overthink these things. The more work they get done, the faker and older they seem to look. Think twice before going under the knife, ladies!”—Dave, 26, drummer

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White Fright

“Too much face powder! My sisters call those girls, 'nagmana sa espasol!' If you weren’t born white, accept it and wear your skin color with pride. No amount of powder will make you look like Nicole Kidman if you’re as dark as Beyonce.” —Jason, 25, entrepreneur

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Puffed Up Lips

“I think it’s really ugly when women mess with their lips. Don’t touch what you already have! Remember how Lindsay Lohan used to be cute? Or Kylie Jenner? Well, now she kind of looks like a zombie. It’s a shame because she used to be so fresh-faced.” —Francis, 25, PR Events

This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, August 2011. 

* Minor edits have been made by editors