Your Twentysomething Relationship Bucket List

Be content, not comfortable.
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1. Ditch the games

Listen, if you're in a relationship with someone, you probably really like them—so ditch the games and PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Tell them how you feel, text them straight back if you're free, try not to bother with all those do's/don'ts like you did when you were a teenager.

2. Travel with each other

If there's one way to prove you're strong as a couple and actually really like each other, it's travelling together one on one. Whether this means a week of camping in La Union or three months in Thailand, your significant other asking to borrow your last pair of clean socks is testing wherever you are in the world.

3. Travel alone

But equally, being independent and going your own way for a while when you're in a settled, long-term relationship can work wonders for both of you. It'll give you time to think about the future, an opportunity to miss each other properly (which you probably haven't done for a while), and an excuse to explore somewhere you've never been before.

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4. Buy a proper bed

A lot of the time, we all end up sleeping on a bed/mattress that we haven't actually chosen but have ended up with, if it's a hand-me-down from your parents, or when the place you're renting is furnished, etc. But now you're a twentysomething ADULT (yup), it's time to find a bed to suit you both—your sleep/sex will thank you.

5. Push each other to be better

Be in a relationship with someone who puts your happiness on par with their own and do the same to them, because it will push you both to be better people. Whether this means at work, the gym, as a person or otherwise, your relationship should help you strive to improve and, in turn, better your relationship.

6. Go out of your comfort zone

With that comes leaving your comfort zone—and what better person to do that with then the one whom you feel most comfortable with? Don't become a box set couple: get active, go on ridiculous dates, and actually do stuff that you maybe wouldn't wanna do by yourself. So, skydiving?

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7. Spend time with each other's families—without them

When you have a significant other, your world doubles in size down to the life they had before youso make the most of it! Hang out with their barkada, treat their family like your own, and don't feel like you always need them there to hold your hand.

8. Have baths together

Because not only is it relaxing and sexy, but it'll help you connect with each other and actually focus on your relationship rather than the distractions and hectic life you have going on around you. (Er, unless you really like rubber ducks.) Get some bubble bath flowing and light some candles, and basically just enjoy some quality time with one and other.

9. Have great sex

Yes, yes, so as well as discovering all the emotional schmooz that comes with having a fulfilling and lovely relationship in your twenties, have lots of great sex, too. Lots. All the time. Wherever and whenever you can.

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10. Support each other

Along with all the disposable fun and good times that come with being a twentysomething, it can get pretty shitty sometimes, too—which is why having a significant other to lean on for advice and support during the tough times can feel like a God-send. They're also great for buying Ben & Jerry's when you're most in need.

11. Be content, not comfortable

DO NOT RELY ON BOX SETS TO MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WORK. COMMUNICATE. TALK TO EACH OTHER. Be content in the knowledge that you're with this person not because you can sit next to them and watch a whole series of House of Cards in one go, but because they make you laugh more than that man opposite you at work would.

12. Build a life together

It's probably worth working out if you have the same goals, wants, and desires from life if you're serious about each other and want to make a proper future together. Be open about how you feel, where you see yourself heading, and what your bucket list for the next year is.

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13. But have separate lives, too

Equally, it's important to have enough of your own life that you won't be totally lost if your S/O goes away for the weekend or gets held up one evening. Plus, it's healthy to have somewhere else to go (side note: we're talking mojitos with your mates on a Monday) to vent about any problems or feelings you might be having. 

14. Learn from your previous mistakes

Relationships are all about learning from your mistakes and growing as a person, and the best way to do this is to listen to the people around you and take advice and criticism on board. Oh, and it's good to learn from other people's wrongdoings and mistakes, too.

15. Keep jealousy at bay

You're strong enough now to control your emotions and not let your jealousy get out of control over simple thingsor if it does, to handle it with self-respect and dignity. Unless of course, there's something real to worry aboutin which case, feel free.

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16. Enjoy it

Because what's the point otherwise?

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