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6 Best Places On The Internet To Read Lesbian Erotica

Seemingly SFW, but actually not.
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If you’ve ever found yourself not-so-subtly leafing through a novel to bookmark the next steamy sex scene, you’re probably into erotica. Sometimes it’s your imagination is better at getting you going than actually looking at sweaty bodies, rolling around in front of you. Not only is erotica a sexy, Mad Libs-style template for your own fantasies, it’s the only kind of NSFW content you can sneak-read in public without anyone raising an eyebrow. Because you already know it can be challenging to find inclusive, virus-freewomen-friendly lesbian porn— here are the best places to read lesbian sex stories and queer erotica (written sans male gaze).

  1. Literotica

    If you’re just dipping your toe into the world of written porn, Literotica is the ultimate jumping off point. It’s been around since 1998—basically the conception of internet porn—so it’s like a giant evolving encyclopedia of sex stories, fantasy tales, and erotica. Plus, the site is submission-based and regularly hosts open-call story contests, in case you’re inspired to share a fantasy or favorite sex story of your own. The best way to find exactly what you’re into is by searching the site’s many tags. Sift through the “queer” or “lesbian sex story” tags to find a host of stories about everything from butch queer doms to sweet roommate fantasies.
  2. Tumblr

    You might already turn to Tumblr as a go-to resource for sex GIFs (if you don’t, highly recommend) but the LGBTQ-friendly blogging platform obviously makes for a perfect erotica setup. You won’t find explicit content in your regular Tumblr feed, but thanks to its detailed search feature, it’s easier than you think to find lesbian erotica, sex stories, and poetry alongside community resources and submission-based porn blogs. But be willing to do some digging. Search for any tag or term you’re interested in (try out #erotica, #lesbian, or search for queer sex stories). Just make sure to click the tiny lock icon so that your search includes all “adult-oriented” content.
  3. Sugarbutch Chronicles

    If you’ve ever been a little interested in BDSM, but don’t yet feel ready to dip your toes into some of the hardcore imagery, BDSM sex stories might help you test the waters. And Sugarbutch Chronicles is a great place to do that, because the site—run by queer writer, teacher, and nonbinary butch dominant Sinclair Sexsmith—is one of the internet’s best resources for stories that are sexy and also beautifully written. Sexsmith launched the blog in 2006, so there’s a ton of smut to peruse at your leisure. Sexsmith writes their own personal posts and reposts dirty queer sex stories from other writers. If you appreciate the art, you can also support the author via their Patreon.
  4. X Confessions

    X Confessions is exactly what it sounds like: Reader-submitted sex confessions ranging from sweet to extra kinky, and everything in between. Whether you’re into dirty mutual masturbation fantasies or deep, romantic sonnets about scissoring—you’ll find it on X Confessions. All it takes is a little scrolling and narrowing down search terms. The site’s founder, sex-positive filmmaker Erika Lust, is renowned for her artistic adult films shot through a feminist lens. X Confessions doesn’t feature exclusively lesbian sex stories or solely erotica, but its lesbian porn library is plentiful. And if you need a quick break from word porn, you can easily click over to the site’s equally promising video tab.
  5. Nifty

    Nifty is like the queer Literotica of the internet. Also created in the early ‘90s, Nifty hosts sex stories primarily under the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender categories. Under the lesbian category alone, you’ll find subcategories like athletics, bondage, authoritarian, masturbation, science fiction, college, and one-night standsto name just a few). Sure, the site’s design brings you back to the days before AIM, and stories are formatted as typewriter pages from a script, but the actual content stands the test of time.
  6. Reddit

    Yes, Reddit is a forum site full of anonymous content and problematic porn. But this anonymity also makes user-submitted lesbian sex stories and queer erotica so much more accessible. Check out /r/gonewildstories for funny or hot “true sex stories,” ranging from “my first time with a girl” recollections to queer cosplay. Written and audio erotica forums are often searchable by gender identity. If you’re interested in only girl-on-girl content, search for “FF,” or try more specific phrases like “queer,” “trans woman,” etc). You can find other erotica, often more fiction or fantasy-oriented, on subreddits like /r/eroticliterature or /r/sexystories. For the most part, these high-traffic forums are heavily moderated and other Redditors typically do their part to follow strict community guidelines. Just be selective and cautious if you click on any external links that take you away from Reddit.

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