What Cheaters Do Once They're Caught

They play the blame game.

They divert your attention to something else.
Instead of focusing on the issue, most cheaters will try to shift the spotlight on something else. For example, they'll "confess" a long-kept secret you’ve always wanted to hear from them and before you know it, you're having an entirely different conversation.

They make excuses.
Once they’re caught with another woman, they’ll try to defend themselves with lame excuses–saying she’s just a friend or that they're trying to "fix" your marriage. According to marriage and family therapist Susan Mandel, PhD, men who love their spouses think that by going outside their marriage, they can save it. 

They start to blame you.
After being caught red-handed, some cheaters might point the finger at you. They'll reason out that you weren’t giving them any attention, that you were spending too much time with your guy friends, or that the spark has simply faded away. 

They deny cheating.
Before confronting your partner, make sure you have enough evidence to back you up–it could be a series of messages on his phone, clothing inside the car that’s not yours, or witnessing him in action with your own two eyes. 

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