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What Do Men Secretly Envy About Women?

SPOILER: Someone said makeup!

Sure, men are traditionally regarded as the “stronger sex,” but that status comes with pitfalls. Truth is, there are some things women do and perks women enjoy that men wish they had the chance to experience, too. Here, we got 10 real guys to spill what it is about women they’re secretly jealous of. (Warning: Reading this will make you want to hug the guy nearest to you.)

Women aren’t expected to be chivalrous.

"One thing I secretly envy girls for is how they get gifts if someone likes them. Back in my younger years, I would spend my meager allowance buying chocolate and bouquets of flowers for girls that I really liked. Yet if someone liked me, I never received anything from them. I’m not a high-maintenance guy, but I wouldn’t mind receiving a bar of Toblerone once in a while." – Noel, 24

"I envy how girls are by default ‘right’ all the time. The lingering residue of chivalry continues to pamper women, while oppressing men at the same time. I don’t want to be sexist but there are a lot of things girls can get away with by virtue of them being girls, like for example, in queues, they get to be prioritized over dudes. Try to get preferential treatment as a guy and people think you’re a massive D-bag." – PB, 26

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In dating and sex, women don’t have to deal with the danger of rejection as much as men do.

"What I envy about women is hindi sila kailangang manligaw. Hindi rin kasi madaling manligaw. You have to be the best version of yourself always, because if they discover your flaws early on, baka ma-reject ka agad. Guys have to do all the work and face the risk of not getting anything in the end. Women generally just have to wait for guys to make advances, then choose." – Jesse, 29

"Sometimes, it can be very difficult for a guy to get laid. Girls can say things like, ‘I’m so tigang, I’m in a dry spell’, but all they’d really have to do to get out of that dry spell is decide to have sex, then have sex. Girls get hit on more often than guys, after all. Guys have to jump through hoops to get close enough to a girl for sex to become a possibility—not to mention have to overcome the fear of rejection first." – Lee, 26

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Being kikay has its perks—and guys know it.

"I’d love to go to a shop and see a wide variety of clothing that caters to me. For example, say in Forever 21, guys get a small area and all the guys’ stuff is just dumped right there, while women get to have everything else. And OOTDs are definitely more acceptable for women to post on social media, whereas for guys, it’s seen as queer. Not that I’d post mine, but I think it would be liberating just to not be seen as queer if you do so." – Jeremy, 34

"One thing I envy about women is that they can wear makeup and men can’t. If a girl’s face is a 6, she can wear some fancy makeup and go up to an 8 or even a 9. But if a guy’s face is a 6, he’ll always be a 6." – Jay, 25

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In a breakup, men are often viewed as the villains.

"I envy how girls can initiate a breakup and it’s okay, but when guys do it, we get to be considered complete douchebags kahit na in reality, battered boyfriend kami. This actually happened to me in a previous relationship." – Kevin, 26

"I’ve noticed that when a breakup happens, mas kinakampihan ang babae. Even if the breakup was mutual, to common friends and other people, most of the time the girl is seen as the one in the right while the guy is the asshole." – Miguel Karlos, 26

The pressure to be macho is so real, it hurts.

"Girls can hold another girl’s hand in public and not be seen as gay. Who says a straight guy won’t enjoy holding his best bud’s hand, too?" – Jeremy

"One thing I envy about girls is how they’re able to open up and be vulnerable to their friends. Among all-male groups, guys have a hard time opening up about their feelings because they might be given shit for being ‘gay’ or ‘emo.’ We find it easier to open up to our female friends because of this." – Paolo, 35

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"Sometimes I actually envy girls being labeled the ‘weaker sex.’ Girls may find it degrading, but it comes with advantages. Women are allowed to break down and cry, and people come to their aid and rescue. ‘Pag lalake, laging sinasabihan, ‘Man up,’ o ‘Magpakalalake ka.’ Bakit? Tao pa rin naman ako, napapagod at nahihirapan. But because people expect me to be strong, I end up hiding my feelings." – Joriben, 30

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