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What Do Women Secretly Envy About Men?

They can literally pee anywhere.

Don’t get us wrong, being a girl is THE BOMB and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But there are just some things men can get away with that women can’t that make us want to unhook our oppressive bras and fling them out of our tops in frustration. Here, we got 10 real girls to share what they secretly envy about men. We bet you can relate to these!

Men don’t have to deal with the constant pressure to look good.

“I love that men walk out of the house in the face they wake up in! I don’t have much of a makeup routine, but I do still feel the need to put on some BB cream and a little lip gloss, and fix my hair or something. Men, unless they’re considered unnaturally vain, don’t usually feel imprisoned by any such preparations. They’re free from societal expectations of women to look made up and pretty, and I envy them that freedom.” – Bea, 30

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“I’m secretly jealous of how it’s okay for guys to gain weight as they get older, while there’s so much pressure on girls not to ‘let ourselves go.’ God forbid a girl should gain five pounds, she’ll be fielding suggestions to try Crossfit or whatever trendy workout there is.” – Dane, 28

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Men pretty much have license to be gross.

“Men can take a piss literally anywhere: a lamppost, a tree trunk, a car tire, wherever—they can just stand there, zip down, and let it rip. Girls have to line up to use public restrooms for a looong time, holding their pee in while the girl ahead of them in the bathroom stall takes her sweet time inside. I wish I could just find any random lamppost and take a piss right there, but I don’t think the world is ready to see my ass hanging out as I squat to take a tinkle.” – Ana, 29

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“One thing I envy about guys is how they can just take off their shirts when they’re feeling hot or sweaty or playing sports or whatever, even when there are other people around, even when we’d much rather not see their armpit hairs and beer bellies. If we girls did the same thing, it would cause a scandal.” – Felice, 22

Men can head out anytime, anywhere, and safety isn’t an issue.

“I envy how men can walk anywhere and not have to deal with catcallers, especially when it's late at night and I'm alone. I could leave the house in just a T-shirt, shorts, and a bare face, and I'd still have to deal with manyaks sa kanto propositioning me as I pass by. Can't a girl walk in peace without having to worry about gross, borderline rape-y advances from strangers?” – Ana

“Asking for your parents’ permission to go out can be a pain for girls. My parents are much more lenient with my brother than with me and my sister. Their usual line when I protest is, ‘Eh lalaki naman ‘yan! Better na may social life kaysa laging nasa tapat ng computer!’ Ugh.” – Moireen, 28

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Compared to women, men are generally chill AF.

“Men are less emotional and it’s easier for them to be insensitive when an issue comes up, unlike women who can have intense mood swings complete with crying sessions and 3 a.m. phone calls to friends when they’re upset or depressed. When men are upset, they can just play basketball or have a drink with friends, and they’re okay na.” – Imee, 25

“I envy how boys don’t always need to deal with the horror of hormones and stomach cramps. Hormones can really mess you up, your diet, your mood, your sound judgement, your everything. I mean, after years of experience, you’d think girls would have figured out how to completely control them, but no, hormones are sneaky and can always find a way to get the better of you. And no matter how hard you try to explain it to men, they won’t ever actually, truly, deeply get it!” – Chiara, 27

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Women have to struggle with double standards all day, errday.

“I envy how men who get married late in life don’t face the same censure as women who want to do the same. I also envy the fact that they can sire children at any age, whereas women’s eggs shrivel up and die once you hit a certain age. Also, the double standard when it comes to sexuality. If men sleep around, they’re sowing their oats. Women who do the same thing are called a bunch of degrading names.” – Amanda, 28

“What I envy most about men is that their confidence and aggressiveness are viewed positively in the workplace. When you are a confident, go-getting guy, you are outstanding. You get faster promotions and climb the corporate ladder easily. When you’re a girl, you’re bitchy. Or intimidating. If you succeed too much and too fast, people make up stories about ‘how you got there.’ Somehow it just works against you.” – Karla, 26

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“This makes me more annoyed than envious: having people express more concern over my gender than my experience at work. I did human rights work for more than five years, and almost every year I’ve had more than enough people tell me, ‘O dito ka lang muna, ha’ or ‘Gusto mo bang sumama doon sa area, sure ka?’ Sometimes I’d be out in the field with first-timers who are men, and these same men would treat me like I’m a fragile little girl who’s never been in a conflict-affected area. Women are smart and strong; there is no point in looking at them as subordinates especially when you’re all out to do work as a team.” – Ria, 27

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