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What He Thinks of Your Orgasm Face

Whether you realize it or not, when you hit the peak of pleasure, it registers on your face. Here's why you should wear it proudly.

It takes a lot to stun the editors at Cosmo, but even we were surprised by this news: According to a recent study, when men viewed women having sex, they looked at their faces first and lingered there longer than on any other area of their anatomies.

Researchers speculate that a guy may focus on your face, because your expressions register an honest, visible measure of whether his touches and strokes are arousing you and, possibly, if you’re having an orgasm.

Now that you know how truly psyched your man is to witness you reveling in pleasure, the challenge is learning to let feelings of sexual bliss wash over you without becoming self-conscious. And, that includes not feeling embarrassed by your orgasm face: the sudden rush of blood to your cheeks that can make them flushed and sweaty as well as the muscle contractions that leave your eyes and mouth alternating between tensed-up and slackened. Follow these tips on how to let go in that glorious moment.

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LET-GO LESSON 1: Breathe Deeply

Inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply helps block out your external environment, bringing you into a deeper zone free of outside disruptions where all your senses are heightened and you can truly relax, explains sexuality educator Yvonne Fulbright, PhD, author of Touch Me There! It’s almost impossible to obsess about your perceived flaws when your brain is being flooded with sensations.

LET-GO LESSON 2: Follow His Cue

Glance at your guy’s face during the act—he’s likely squinting, mashing his lips, or displaying other expressions of pleasure. Take his expressiveness as a cue to reveal the same passion freely, says Fulbright. He’ll likely notice and mirror that excitement back to you. You see, it’s a law of nature: Bliss begets more bliss.

LET-GO LESSON 3: Don’t Stifle Your Moans And Groans

During climax, many chicks feel self-conscious about moaning, hollering, or otherwise getting verbal about just how awesome they’re feeling. But, you shouldn’t stifle any sounds or facial contortions that happen naturally, says Sari Locker, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Amazing Sex. In fact, a recent Cosmo poll found that more than half of guy respondents find their partner’s orgasm face attractive. And, the majority of the rest just hadn’t noticed any particular change at the point of climax.

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