8 Types Of Things Guys Wear To Bed, And What It Says About Them

Does he sleep in boxers or his jeans?
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They say clothes maketh the man, and while they're usually not talking about pajamas in those cases, pajamas still very much qualify as clothes. Therefore, what he's choosing to sleep in also maketh him, to an extent.

  1. Boxers (or briefs, or boxer-briefs) without a shirt.

    This is pretty standard. Realistically, this is what most guys wind up in. It's cheap, easy, and practical, and he might not care that much about picking up a good pair of pajamas.

  2. Boxers and a T-shirt.

    It's basically the same as above except his nipples don't get cold at night.

  3. Old gym clothes.

    He still doesn't really care about what he wears to bed, but he also works out.

  4. Just a T-shirt and no bottoms.

    If you stay at a man's house, and that man comes to bed with just a t-shirt on, Winnie-the-Pooh-style, run. That's crazy. No adult does that. Sleeping nude is one thing. But just a shirt is disconcerting. Find an excuse to leave and get out of there.

  5. Nice pajamas.

    This guy has dreams and aspirations. He's driven and motivated and very mature. One day he will get a robe. He is also probably really into snuggling. Not a weird amount, but more than the average guy.

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  6. Nothing.

    There's a lot to unpack here. Sleeping in the nude means he's comfortable with his body, which is great. It also (hopefully) means he maintains a fair degree of hygiene to sleep in the nude. Otherwise, he's letting his stanky ass marinate under those covers for eight hours a night.

  7. His jeans.

    Either he's so tired he doesn't care what’s going on, or he's a psychopath. No one sleeps in their day clothes. That's messed up.

  8. An eye mask.

    This guy takes his sleep very seriously. No staying up and watching Netflix for this guy! He's got an early morning or he's just particular about his eight hours—which is fair.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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