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What His Spending Habits Say About Him

Take this season of spending as an opportunity to learn more about him: Find out what his money-handling ways reveal about his personality.

Christmas came and went just like that...just like your 13th month pay and bonus. And with a few more holidays ahead of us this week, the limitless spending continues. Whether you’re busy attending or hosting a New Year shindigs or living it up on a holiday getaway, take time to pay closer attention to how your new guy manages his moolah, as this says a lot about him. Here, some clues to guide your observation.

He pays with cash.

If your new man always antes up with cash, he’s independent and self-sufficient. And while that’s a relief because it means he’s no mama’s boy, the downside is that it also means he might be a little conservative. Translation: He’s no risk taker.

He charges everything.

This guy is ambitious and craves status. The good news: He probably has the drive to reach his financial goals. The caveat: If he seems disorganized or unreliable, then he could find himself buried under serious credit-card debt before he gets there.

He’s super makuwenta on dates.

Going dutch is one thing, but if he’s computing every single centavo when you split the bill, this guy is fastidious to a fault. And even though he’ll probably always call when he says he will, you won’t be seduced by his spontaneity.

His wallet is dry.

Unless he has a really good excuse for his perpetual cash crisis, this guy probably depends on other people to take care of him, which isn’t all that cool.

Source: Psychotherapist Olivia Mellan, PsyD, author of Your Money Style

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