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What It’s Really Like To Date A Flight Attendant


Dating a flight attendant isn’t as glamorous as it sounds—it requires a lot of patience and maturity since you both have to stand the test of time and distance. However, you shouldn't let your FOMO get the best of you. Here are some of the highs and lows that come with dating an FA:

1. Pasalubong from all over the world

Your favorite chocolates from Dubai? Check! A soon-to-be-but-not-yet-released-in-the-PH MAC lippie? Check! Though you should never date anyone for the material benefits they bring, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy them when they're there.

2. Online shopping? Nah!

One quick “Babe, could you please get me…” and he’s walking in whatever weather, off to get you your special request. You get to save on shipping fees and you have a wider selection to choose from. The best part? It will be personally delivered to your home, with love, in a matter of days. 


3. You need to plan your trips weeks, sometimes months, in advance

The good news is you won’t always be affected by long weekend traffic. The downside, however, is that weekends and holidays aren’t automatically vacation days for him. Remember to take note of birthdays and anniversaries and start planning even if your special day is still two months away!

4. It feels like you’re in an LDR.

You'll go through long periods of not seeing each other, especially when you’re busy, too. It’s usually an easy three days, but occasionally, it’s a stressful twelve. The upside is that you master the art of online communication without the torture of being months or years apart. You also learn to get creative with your…messages. ;)

5. Travel perks!

Traveling together is more affordable since you’re essentially just paying for a person and a half. He also gets discounts so if you plan a trip well, you can have a ballin’ vacay without the guilt of blowing your bonus on a single trip. (It all works out since you have to plan your trips in advance anyway. LOL)

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6. You get your own personal tour guide.

You’ll get to go with him to his favorite sushi place in Japan or his happy hour spot in Cebu. It’s different traveling as a tourist and traveling with someone who’s almost a local. He’s trained to make the most out of a two-day layover, and the sense of urgency guarantees that no matter how short your trip is, he’s got the lowdown on the best places to visit.

7. His co-workers can be quite intimidating...

Wow, they're all so tall and have nice hair and perfect teeth. They’re gorgeous and all smiles and just generally seem more...uh, cultured. They also get to shop abroad all the time and it shows. Time to work on your self-confidence!

8. …But they’re super fun.

These guys aren’t just supposed to be nice to everyone from all parts of the world; they’re trained to take care of them (and help them in case of an emergency). Over time, you’ll find that he has the friendliest co-workers. At the end of the day, they’re just like normal people…except taller and better traveled.


9. He goes out a lot.

FAs like to go out and unwind. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, they’re very sociable and they thrive in parties. Time home is also when he catches up with family and friends, so you have to learn to give him time off from being a boyfie in order to be a friend, brother, son, and all-around errand-runner. 

10. He's more open-minded.

It's not just the places, it’s the people he meets along the way. The more he familiarizes himself with different cultures, the more he becomes a "citizen of the world." It’s not always easy to relate to his observations, but for as long as you keep an open mind yourself, then it becomes a learning experience for you as well.

11. He appreciates Manila more than the regular office worker. 

To him, there’s no place like home. Of course it helps that he doesn’t have to deal with traffic on a daily basis, but just take all the optimism you can get.


12. They’re the best at being spontaneous.

They’ve mastered the art of being on the go, so they’re always up for anything. They’re adventurous and exciting to have around, and this doesn’t only apply to out of town trips.

13. Trust is a little harder but all the more crucial to develop.

Jealousy will come a-knockin’, especially in the beginning. He lives a life of temptation with their long layovers, fancy hotel rooms, and romantic destinations. It takes some adjusting, but for as long as you know how to communicate your worst fears, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. After all, his time away from home is also time for you to get tempted in your home base. It’s definitely easier to date someone who isn’t out of town half the time, but that’s where your dedication will come into play. Good luck!

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