6 Things You Can Do After Sex That Will Intensify Your Relationship

And what NOT to do post-O.
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Picture this: You and your boo thang just had an extra hot session. The vibes were flowing, the blood was pumping, and the chemistry was hot AF. You're now laying side by side, maybe in a pant or in post-orgasm ecstasy, and you're probs thinking, okay… what's next?

Forget rolling over and sleeping—there is so much you two can conquer in your feel-good state of mind. Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of those amazing endorphins giving you a buzz.

1. Binge Dead To Me on Netflix.

    This takes "Netflix and Chill" to a whole new level, because, hello, we be solvin' problems together.

    When you've just experienced an amazing orgasm, it's easy to fall into the trap of re-watching your fave Office episodes, but why not put your two—very stimulated— brains to work? Who actually killed Jen's husband?

    2. Level up your round two game.

      Super into Game of Thrones? Welcome to the totally, utterly, non-existent fan base (LOL).

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      But instead of turning on the new season to mindlessly watch in your euphoric state, roll your partner on top of you for another go at it—but this time, reenact the hottest sex scenes from GoT. I know it's basically summer and all, but winter will be coming (again, and again, and again).

      3. Take the Love Language Test.

        Call me a nerd, but this may be my favorite thing to do ever—and bonus points if you put your bae on the spot and make them take the test right in front of you.

        The test asks you and your partner questions like, "It's more meaningful to me when... A) Someone I love sends me a loving note/text/email for no special reason. B) I hug someone I love.

        Not only do you learn so much about a person based on what their "Love Language" is, but it's basically a subtle way to alert your partner that you're in dire need of a back rub RTFN (hello, physical touch love languages out there!).

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        4. Look up each other's astrological signs.

          Is there really anything more fun (read: daunting) than discovering you just fucked a Scorpio? I mean, pegged as one of the most "misunderstood signs of the zodiac" that sounds like a lot of "Scorpio and Aries compatibility" Google searches.

          Up the ante by doing your partner's whole birth chart post-sex—like, learning their rising sign, moon sign, and more. You'll learn very quickly whether or not they should stay in your bed (JK! But seriously, do it).

          5. Play a ~fun~ board game.

            Before you roll your eyes, there are some actual fun adult games on the market that won't make you gauge your eyes out. Plus, everything's a little bit more fun with a creative and competitive post-O personality motivating you.

            And if you're over the game part but into the competition, raise the stakes by allowing the winner a kiss of their choice... wherever they want.

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            6. Cook up some grub.

              You just worked up a sweat—of course you're starving! So while you probably can't whip up some oysters at whatever hour of the night it is, check out these aphrodisiac foods that could actually spark your round two, or three, or four (you do you, girl!)

              Plus, is there anything sexier than seeing your boo cooking behind a stove? That's worth sneaking a peak of his hot dog for damn sure.

              And as for what not to do post-orgasm and sex?

              Do not try to DTR with the person lying beside you. Pillow talk mind effs you into thinking you should talk about anything and everything regarding your feelings. But remember: You literally just orgasmed twenty seconds ago. You're not exactly thinking logically when you say, "I want you to meet my mother."

              Hold that convo for tomorrow. If you wake up the next day with the same feelings, great! But you'll thank me later when you wake up and realize that those endorphins get you feeling some type of way every. damn. time.

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              This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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