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What Trait Does Your Dad Have That You Want In A Boyfriend?

Because Dad has some great qualities and can be really amazing, too.

Some of us grew up really close to our dad, that we have made him the standard for our choice of partners. Some had their hearts broken (but eyes opened) when they realized their dads weren’t as “great” as they had thought. Others were always pretty nonchalant about their fathers, but respected and loved them from afar. And others, still, never met their dads, but had a father figure or two one way or another.

No matter what our attitude is towards our dads, there has to be something good about him—be it as a wonderful father, a loving spouse, or a decent human being. What is it about him that we also look for in our partner? Here are some:

“An open, trusting, and supportive nature. I grew up with a dad who never controlled or imposed anything on me. He was always the type to build on the little ideas or desires I would have. He’s like my super brainstorming machine and the squeezer of my creative juices. He loves new ideas and he doesn’t receive them empty-handed. He trusts me with my direction and decisions in life, and he supports them in any way he can—even when he may feel uncomfortable or secretly disagree with me. –Chessie, 23

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“I’d want my boyfriend to respect me as much as my dad respects my mom, to always talk to me about his life, and go to me for advice and decisions. I’d also want him to be interested and inspired by the arts like my dad.” –Viviane, 21

“A healthy dose of concern and overprotectiveness. My dad is particular about the little things that affect my body and my life. Health and being responsible are important to him. He encourages me to be healthy—to eat healthy food, get enough rest and exercise. Which he does regularly, too.” –Francesca, 23

“I want a partner who’s musically-inclined and hardworking like my dad. My dad would do anything and everything for us girls, even if it means not getting any sleep.” –Yanna, 20

“My dad’s generosity. He’s very ‘galante,’ especially when he’s helping people. Sometimes, he’d help without leaving some for himself. His heart has no limit. He’s also cool and he knows when to have fun. He lives in the moment, since he has the ‘Let’s make the most of our time together right now. No worries” mentality. Sort of like YOLO but tamer.” –Audrey, 21

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“I’d want someone who’s always up for a drink, and tends to give the best advice when you least expect it or when it’s unprecedented but needed.” –Carissa, 22

“One quality my dad has that I want in a boyfriend is how hardworking he is. My dad works abroad, putting in all those hours and effort for our family. In the same way, I’m also looking for someone who’s willing to put in the hard work needed in a relationship, because it’s not just about kilig. Things won’t always be easy.” –Tasha, 23

“My dad’s ability to command and charm a room. And his sense of humor about things! It’s not the dry type of humor—not cynical, sarcastic, or dark—but light, friendly, and comical (sometimes toilet). He’s always the life of the party.” –Diana, 20

“I want to be with someone who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.” –Pia, 23

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“Good with kids!!! I love guys who can make kids laugh, who love playing with kids, and who are caring for babies. Is it ugly to say financially stable?” –Cathy, 20

“He has to be a good dresser and very articulate.” –Vix, 21

“My father is exceptionally straightforward, aka too honest, it hurts. He tells me when my hair is a mess, when my outfit is horrendous, when I'm being lazy or when I need to fix my life. It’s easy to overlook criticism from him because I know I'll always be his princess, but a boyfriend who has the courage to say the same is always a great reminder to start re-evaluating my unapologetic self. I need to know when I’m being a complete mess, really—not just for the reassurance that I’ll be loved regardless. My boyfriend right now is a great truth-talker despite being a cheesy romantic Italian, so I'm glad to find that piece of home in him.” –Melissa, 23

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