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Why Cheaters Cheat, As Explained By Science

Trust no one. Okay, more like: Don't trust cheaters.

In a new study out of the University of South Alabama that involved 443 men and women, researchers found that cheaters often cheat again. So, basically, if you got together with your man when he was cheating on another woman, prepare to be cheated on. And you will have deserved it. #RealTalk.

The study's lead author, Joshua Foster, had this to say about their findings:

Individuals who were poached by their current romantic partners were less committed, less satisfied, and less invested in their relationships. They also paid more attention to romantic alternatives, perceived their alternatives to be of higher quality, and engaged in higher rates of infidelity compared to non-poached participants.

Sounds like a real catch! Who wouldn't want to date that person?! Oh wait. Everybody.

Another interesting finding is that introverts are more likely to cheat, apparently.

The introversion finding was surprising because previous research suggested that people who get a lot of poaching attempts tend to have outgoing personalities…we found that people who are successfully poached are the opposite, that is socially passive. It might be that being outgoing puts you in a position to get a lot of attempts—perhaps simply because you're around people more—but being passive makes you more likely to go along with the attempts and actually get poached.

That finding is more dubious to me, but the thing with cheaters always cheating—that makes sense. Stay away from cheating cheaters and find yourself a partner who loves you enough to be honest when they want to break up. Oh, and don't cheat on or with someone. It's just the epitome of weak, dumb, and uncool. You don't need a study to tell you that.


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