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7 Reasons Why Geek Girls Rule

Guys find it adorable.

1. Video game dates.
Nights out spending on extravagant dinners will be replaced with pizza and a round or two of DotA. Of course, this might not be the typical female’s idea of a romantic date, but the geek girl relishes the fact that she can kick her boyfriend’s ass on (and off) the console. It’s the geek’s dream. Holing up with his ladylove for an evening of computer games hits two birds with one stone: sating his videogame fix while still having his girl by his side. 

2. Comic book shopping
Forget loitering the city’s busiest malls for shoes, bags, and clothes. A geek girl will accompany her beau to purchase the highest form of literature known to mankind: comics! Now, snuggle up and read that latest Batman purchase together.

3. She gets the nerdy humor.
Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who references are usually lost on women who have no interest in geeky pop culture, which makes the stereotypical geek awkward when expressing his interests among women. A geek girl knows the lingo, can distinguish Vulcan from Klingon, and can even name the most dangerous areas of Middle-earth. Not that this information is vital, but to any living, breathing geek, these are the things that will make the relationship live long and prosper.

4. There's no need for posh dressing.
Guys tend to tuck away their geeky statement tees for fear of being judged as immature or unstylish. But with the geek girl, there’s no need to pretend. Busting out those Star Wars shirts becomes a thing of pride. His and hers, matchy-matchy outfits, however, are strictly optional.

5. Sprucing up your room will be a breeze.
A man’s room will tell you a lot about whom he is and what he’s into. Are there posters of his favorite movies or bands on the wall? Are there records or DVDs lined up to showcase his profound interest in the arts? Or are there toys displayed that makeup a mini museum? And more often than not, when a girl comes over, a man will hide all his big boy toys in an effort to impress. With the geek girl, he won’t feel the need to hide the geeky memorabilia. If she isn’t impressed at his man-cave of weirdness, it’s probably because she’s just hiding the fact that she’s super turned on. 

6. Endless movie or TV series binges
Another date option with the geek girl comes in the form of movie or TV marathons. He’ll enjoy staying in for a sweet screening with the geek girl because: a) it’s easy on the wallet. Geeky movies are usually sagas or franchises; b) seasons upon seasons of Big Bang Theory and Sherlock won’t be a problem; and c) no sappy Manic Pixie Dream Girl rom-coms to scare him away from romance.

7. There will be room to geek out in the sack.
What the geek ultimately hopes the geek girl will do for him in the bedroom: put on a Princess Leia costume and play with his lightsaber.

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