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Why Sex Is Way Better In A Hotel

You can totally get loud, and no one will judge.

Ever wondered why sex in a hotel just feels more satisfying? Well, science has an explanation.

Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist and sex counselor, told Huffington Post that having sex in a hotel floods your brain with dopamine, causing you to go completely loco in between the sheets. On top of that, the act of treating yourself makes sex so much better.

Kerner explained: "There's a psychological mindset when people check into a hotel that they can pamper themselves. There's something a little luxurious, languorous, sumptuous about a hotel that lends itself to feeling sexual."

He added that the stress-free stay in a hotel also affects the libido.

"I think a hotel as a sort of generic luxury automatically helps people tune out the anxiety...and the shutting down or the pushing away of that anxiety, creating a boundary of anxiety and stressors of everyday life, is going to contribute to sexual arousal," he added.

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This got us thinking, so we reached out to real men and women aged 20 to 45 and asked them this: "Why do you think sex is hotter in hotels compared to getting all hot and heavy at home?"

Check out their answers below:

"As a girl, mas gusto ko sa hotel because I have the freedom to make noises without anyone judging me. Siyempre pag sa bahay niya or bahay namin, we have to be very careful. Even if you want to make sounds, you can't. Ano na lang iisipin ng mga tao sa bahay?" -Kaye, 23

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"Your house is where everyday life happens. In a hotel, for a time, you can just focus on each other and nothing else." -Janine, 26

"Hotel sex is so much hotter and better because you can be sexy and kinky without any interruptions from anyone and wala ka ring iintindihin na kapitbahay." -Chai, 28

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"I think hotel sex is better because you're away from what's familiar. You know, the daily grind and what is expected of you. It's just you and your significant other. It's something new, also parang medyo may time limit so parang challenge rin. Pero kung tutuusin, I bet most people opt for hotel sex kasi may ibang magliligpit ng kama and also, may room service para kain agad after." -Karen, 27

"The change in environment allows you to escape the responsibilities and mundanity of life. It allows the couple to focus on each other for once and focus on the sex, not when to pay the bills or whatnot." -Mel, 43

"Sa hotel kasi after ng sex wala ka na iisipin unlike sa bahay after sex, problema pa ang paglinis ng bed sheets." -Karlo, 25

"Iba ang ambiance pag sa hotel kayo nag-sex. Una sa lahat, malamig. There's also no need to worry about other people kasi solo niyo 'yung buong kwarto at walang istorbo. 'Pag nasa bahay didiskarte ka pa kung paano kayo magkaka-private time. Mag-aantay ka pa na umalis lahat ng tao and maya't maya kinakabahan ka pa kasi baka biglang may dumating." -Kenneth, 23

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"Well, for starters, the room is usually bigger so there are more spots to try new positions at. Also, the bed just looks inviting. And with the rush of being away from home, it just makes doing the deed more tempting." Joseph, 32

"I think it's more fun to go have sex in the hotel dahil planado, mas prepared and out of the ordinary. I think it's not necessarily about the place, more on the idea na 'this night is more special.'" -John, 36

So if your sex life is getting somewhat boring, you know what to do.

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