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Why You Should Wear Perfume On A First Date

Your scent of choice says more about you than you think.
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There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect on a first date. Your skin has to be spotless, your hair must be frizz-free, and your outfit must be as flattering as possible. But looks alone aren't enough to win your crush over—attitude counts, too. A flirtatious personality, combined with a nice fragrance, can lock him down by night's end. Here’s what the right perfume can do for you during a date:

1. It boosts your confidence.
It's natural to feel sexier once you've spritzed on some perfume to finish your pre-date regimen. Think of your signature scent as part of your armor—it calms your nerves and makes you more at ease with your date and your surroundings.

2. It shows your personality.
Floral scents convey that you’re romantic and sweet, while fruity ones give the impression that you’re fun and spunky. Woodsy fragrances, meanwhile, mean you take the lead and define trends. Let him know you have those qualities by using a perfume with the perfect blend of floral, fruity, and woodsy notes, like the Michael Kors Sexy Ruby.
A scent as alluring as the jewel that inspired it, Michael Kors Sexy Ruby is a modern chypre that sparkles with sensuality. It balances the sweet fragrance of raspberry and apricot with the warm notes of jasmine and cashmere wood. This seductive scent, inspired by the unique link between seduction, strength, and glamour, comes in a bold ruby-inspired bottle that encapsulates the designer’s interpretation of sexy.

3. It makes you more attractive in his eyes.
Research has found that scent directly affects our perception of beauty. Spritz on a sensual perfume to make yourself irresistible to him!

4. It leaves quite an impression.
Certain scents can trigger memories and emotions so vividly that they take you back to a specific moment. By wearing perfume, you’ll leave your mark in his car, and maybe even on his shirt. Once he gets a whiff of your fragrance on his drive home, he's going to want to start planning for the next date.

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby EDP is available in 50ml (P4,430) and 100ml (P5,720) variants at Rustan’s department stores and soon at The SM Store - SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia.

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