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12 Women Share What Makes Them Instantly Want To Be Friends With Someone

Like, 'if they’re nice to other girls.'
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Friendships, as we all know, can be some of the most defining of our lives. And friend breakups can be just as tough on us emotionally as romantic ones. That's why it's important we know how to spot the signs of toxic friends and focus on having healthy relationships that enrich our lives. Saying that, making friends as an adult can be really hard and daunting.

These women on Reddit shared the personality traits they look out for in other women, and reveal the characteristics that make them instantly want to be friends with someone.

  1. "If they understand and respect my need to be alone sometimes/not hang out. As an introvert, extroverts tend to gravitate towards me and want to 'change' me into being a more outgoing person and force me to do things which I hate (and then later resent them for)." [via]
  2. "If they're nice to other girls. I don't want to be friends with someone who puts other girls down just to make themselves feel/look better." [via]
  3. "Someone who isn't afraid to be their true, weird self with me. Basically just anyone who doesn't have a wall up and isn't self-centred. Anyone who can introduce me to new things/wouldn't mind trying new things together!" [via]
  4. "A woman who speaks her mind while still having an empathetic view on situations. Who talks about genuine interests and hobbies. And who doesn't try to get people to like her." [via]
  5. "My friends are pretty varied in terms of interests, background, and personalities. But if a person comes across as warm and inviting, I instantly want to be around them."[via]
  6. "Warmth, openness, and [being] non-judgemental. I can be a little closed off and tend to be one of those that needs time to warm up to new people. So when someone is immediately welcoming it makes me feel a lot more comfortable." [via]
  7. "If they have a genuine personality, typically." [via]
  8. "I tend to immediately become friends with anyone who hates small talk like I do. It brings down a barrier I'd normally have to get through with other people. Generally girls who are a tad anti-social but appreciate people who are genuine." [via]
  9. "Someone who's authentic rather than a people-pleaser who doesn't have their own opinions." [via]
  10. "If they seem kind and treat others well." [via]
  11. "If they make me feel comfortable in their presence right away, that really helps. I'm pretty shy, and it's difficult for me to warm up to people so a super friendly personality helps me so much." [via]
  12. "Enthusiasm! I find that someone who's not afraid to show when they're enthusiastic about things are so nice to be around. Especially when you and hanging out with you are included in the things she's enthusiastic about." [via]
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