11 Women Share The Turning Point In Their Relationships When They Realized They Deserved Better

'My world revolved around him, and his world revolved around himself.'

Breaking up isn't always a clear cut decisionespecially in a long-term relationship. Sure, if your partner cheats and that's a dealbreaker for you, then it's probably pretty obvious it's time to end it. But what if you aren't sure whether the relationship is over or if it's just a rough patch you need to work through? Sometimes, all it takes is to realize you deserve betteror morefrom your relationship.

Here, women share the turning point in their relationships where they decided to walk away.

  1. "I found myself in tears saying, 'Do I really have to beg you to be kind to me? That's all I'm asking...just be kind.' When I heard myself saying those words, I knew I was getting out of the relationship. I should never feel like I'm begging someone for the most basic of human behavior." [via]
  2. "When I realized that crying every day because of my relationship wasn't healthy or normal and that I deserved to find a partner who would love me the way I loved them." [via]
  3. "After years of being treated so badly, it was while watching a movie when he said to me, 'Food is taking a long time to get here.' He hadn’t told me he was ordering food or asked me if I wanted anything...while I was sitting right next to him! There had been such worse things he had done but for some reason that flipped a switch in me." [via]
  4. "I was putting in 95 percent of the effort, and I thought that I could make it work that way. I felt like I was constantly going crazy. My anxiety was absolutely out of control. I had so much love for this person that wasn't mentally in a place where he could meet me halfway, and I came to a point where I got absolutely slapped in the face with the realization that I had to let him go for my own health." [via]
  5. "When he made fun of my frequent panic attacks and afterwards asked me to write down what I feel so he could use it as song lyric material." [via]
  6. "When I found out he was cheating on me, after proposing, planning a wedding and booking a honeymoon. What a headfuck that was!" [via]
  7. "For me, it was realizing he knew all my friends and had been in my personal space, but I didn't know all his friends and had never been over to his place. It made me feel like a dirty secret and I immediately moved on after being head over heels for three years." [via]
  8. "When I realized my world revolved around him, and his world revolved around himself." [via]
  9. "When he didn't celebrate my graduation with me. We finally went to dinner to commemorate the occasion, and he chose a restaurant without a single dish on the menu that I could safely eat (I have food allergies)." [via]
  10. "When I had to question constantly what we were, if he even cared about me, etc. I realized I deserved someone who is sure about me and is clear about where we stand." [via]
  11. "I was away on a business trip for a week, and we hardly had any contact. Before going back home, I realized that I wasn't looking forward to seeing him again at all. Actually, I was rather annoyed by the idea of coming home and him being there." [via]
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