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17 Asian Fashion Bloggers You Absolutely Need To Follow On Instagram

Your Insta feed is about to get so chic.
Asian fashion bloggers, Aly Silversio, Aimee Song, and Jenn Im

Honestly, I don't think fashion bloggers get enough credit for what they do. Sure, anybody can put on some clothes and call it a day. But not just anyone can curate an outfit that is original, artistic, and appealing to the eye. It's truly a talent to keep up with all the trends so effortlessly and I don't know how these people do it! Especially so amazingly!


Though there are thousands of style gurus all up on the Internet who are extremely gifted in le fashun, I gotta say, the 17 Asian influencers below are where it's at! Each one has their own individual aesthetic—and they're are all pretty damn exceptional at finding beautiful separate pieces and creating one, refined lewk. Scroll on down to smash the follow button, but warning: You will probs be doing a lot of screenshotting because their OOTDs are THAT fire.

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Oh, and if you want some more fashion inspo, check out these amazing Black influencers and Latina fashion bloggers that definitely deserve a follow too. Your feed is about to reach chic new heights!

  1. Chailee Son

    In my opinion, this Korean fashionista is the master at making simple look sooo chic. Peep her Instagram to see for yourself! She's also a business woman (we love a gal who can do it all) and founded her own clothing company, Chailee.

  2. Aly Silverio

    If you're ever needing some neutral outfit inspo, Filipino blogger Aly Silverio has got you 100 percent. She can seamlessly make a muted look totally stand out. Shop her online store, State of Myne, if you wanna dress like Aly! I know I do.

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  3. Julia Dang

    Mixing patterns and colors can be super intimidating, but Vietnamese influencer Julia Dang has got it down. Anyone else having a hard time tearing their eyes away from her posh cardigan and checkered skirt combo?!

  4. Olivia Lazuardy

    Scrolling through Olivia's Instagram feed honestly feels like looking at a high-fashion magazine shoot (and I'm pretty intimately acquainted with those). The Indonesian style star makes luxe look completely effortless. Her whole grid's going on my 2021 vision board at this point.

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  5. Jenn Im

    Jenn has been in the fashion game for a very long time. She's been in the YouTube space for 10 years ( hi, @ "Clothes Encounters") where she has almost three million subscribers. But she's also loved on Insta where her following is up to over a million. Related: I'd like to take a moment to specifically appreciate this amazing orange pant situation.

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  6. Tsutsumi Hoang

    Tsutsumi is all about a sleek and polished look—all while keeping with the trends of course. One of my fave outfits from her is when she literally wore a crewneck with a loose short set and a long blazer and paired it with mules. Casual, but make it sophisticated.

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  7. Koleen Diaz

    I'd say that Koleen is queen of throwing major nostalgic vibes together with more modern styles to create super unique but cohesive and creative looks. She's not afraid to mesh different styles to ones you may *think* wouldn't go, but totally do when she's wearing them. Like this scarf top and loose aqua denim? Freakin' gorge.

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  8. Aimee Song

    Aimee is a veteran in the fashion world and just an overall icon when it comes to curating chic ensembles. The woman has her own line of clothing, Song of Style, that's available at Revolve. If that doesn't tell you that she's got major style game, I don't know what will.

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  9. Santoshi Shetty

    Hailing from India, Santoshi loves to play around with vibrant colors and intricate designs. I've always been apprehensive about mixing in more showy pieces into my lewks, but she gives me the confidence to try!

  10. Ellen V Lora

    Petitioning to raid Ellen's closet because it seems like every clothing item she owns is the cutest things ever. If you're looking for a shopping buddy Ellen, recruit me!!

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  11. Allison Teng

    Allison is Chinese and Taiwanese, and I love that the sky is the limit when it comes to her taste in clothes. She's down to try all types of fashion moods, and she works all of them equally! We love a woman who just doesn't stick to one aesthetic and is down to explore.

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  12. Kat Tanita

    The first thing I think of when I look at Kat's style is "light and airy." It's easy and fresh, yet so elegant. I'm gonna need to borrow one of her many flowy dresses because they're absolutely stunning.

  13. Ayla Dimitri

    Hit that follow button on Indonesian blogger Ayla Dimitri because believe me—looking through her grid will motivate you to up your fashion game so quick, and your photo-taking poses too.

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  14. Francis Lola

    The Los Angeles native embraces her SoCal roots in her fashion sense. If boho were to have a baby with haute couture, it would totally be Francis' wardrobe.

  15. Pia Shah

    Pia is a half-Indian and half-Filipino blogger and is all about neutral shades with a touch of bold color here and there. I highly suggest following her if you're into staying within a more earth-toned palette.

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  16. Cora Kim

    We love a pastel queen! Cora is a Korean blogger living in Los Angeles and has a lot of fun incorporating vivid hues into her looks. Next time you wanna try throwing in some light greens or lavenders into your OOTD, head to Cora's feed to help you brainstorm.

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  17. Juhi Godambe

    Currently residing in her hometown of Mumbai, Juhi runs fashion company Arabellaa and has over 400K followers on Instagram. You can catch her serving bright colors in formal looks, but also more muted tones in relaxed outfits. She also loves to incorporate classic Indian style into her everyday looks!

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