To Wear Or Not To Wear With 'AsNTM' Philippine Representative, Jach Manere

Is Jach Manere down for any of these crazy trends?

It's been a strange time for fashion in 2018. From designer brands releasing the most unexpected collabs (Balenciaga x Crocs, anyone?) to models sporting three breasts at Milan Fashion Week, either you see yourself wondering WTF these designers were thinking or you nod pensively and think that maybe, in another lifetime, you'd be crazy enough to give these looks a shot.

We sat down with our Asia's Next Top Model Philippine representative Jach Manere and went through pretty outrageous fashion trends. Watch our video below to find out what Jach thinks of them:

VIDEO PRODUCED BY:  Erika Villa-Ignacio


VIDEO SHOT BY: Coleen Oliva and Nicee Estores

VIDEO EDITED BY:  Nicee Estores

STYLED BY: David Milan


MAKEUP ARTIST: Christine Lavina, using NARS

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