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This Cute Tote Bag With *Ribbons* Is So Coquette-Coded, You'll Want All The Colors

Perfect for Valentine's.
PHOTO: Badass Tote Girl

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After what seems to be an eternity, a.k.a January, we're moving on to February, which is when everyone is a little bit coquettish, and dressed in red. If you're looking for a perfect combination of what the love month is all about and is functional to carry around—say, like your beloved totes—take a look at the soon-to-drop Darling Ribbons Tote from Badass Tote Girl.

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Check out this cute, coquette-style tote bag from Badass Tote Girl. 

Be it a date with your S.O. or your gals, or running errands by yourself, the Darling Ribbons Tote is going to be your favorite tote bag this love month and beyond. Huge bonus if you're into the coquette aesthetic these days, because this piece's straps have cute ribbons, too. 


The local brand peddling basic and functional totes (and at an affordable price point, at that) shared a quick peek of their newest Darling Ribbons Tote on their socials, and to say that a lot of people are excited is an understatement.

The bag, which is dressed in bold red, has a long strap with ribbons tied at the end of each side. Aside from the standout color that would take your casual fits to the next level and the ribbons that add a touch of cuteness, at eye level, the bag seems to have a roomy interior to hold your essentials comfortably. The bag is expected to drop sometime in February.

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Under the comment section, Badass Tote Girl tested the waters for pre-orders, with an estimated time of two to three weeks. Just like the rest of the responses, we're saying "Yes!" as well. We're also hoping for different colorways, too. Baby pink, perhaps? There are no exact details as of yet, but we're crossing our fingers that pre-orders open soon.

You can check out their entire catalog on their website.

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