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11 Cute Outfits Featuring Our Newest Obsession: Baguette Bags

Y2K fashion is back!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know very well that Y2K fashion is back—and it’s not just a Gen Z craze! Aside from baby tees, baggy jeans, mini skirts, and tinted sunglasses, another non-negotiable part of the early aughts uniform is the baguette bag. Popularized by Fendi in the 1990s, the baguette bag, which takes on the form of a simple, rectangular shape and short shoulder strap, was catapulted to cult status when Carrie Bradshaw made it her signature piece in Sex and The City. This was further solidified by the popularity of Prada’s mini nylon bags and Louis Vuitton’s pochettes.

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What makes the baguette bag fresh and new, though, would be the outfits it is worn with. Style mavens love to inject their own twist on the Y2K trend by wearing dad sneakers, crew socks, and athleisure staples like cycling shorts. It gives the fun and flirty mini shoulder bag an edgier look!

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For more inspiration, scroll down and start copping the baguette bag trend yourself:

1. Kathryn Bernardo is always in baggy jeans or trousers, so it was inevitable for her to ride the Y2K trend with a blue Prada Re-Edition bag!

That vibrant color totally goes with her light wash jeans.

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2. Don’t be afraid to mix colors like Elisse Joson, who wore a floral frock with a moss green baguette bag.

Talk about being inspired by nature!

3. Haven’t heard? Y2K animal prints are back, too, and Rhea Bue is ahead of the curve.

Take it slowly by incorporating it into your accessories, like her zebra print baguette and cow print phone case!

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4. It’s no secret that YouTuber Ashley Garcia has nailed Y2K fashion, but we love how she adds her own twist—like the oversized leather jacket on top of her little white dress.

Take note of how she wore chunky Mary Janes for an added preppy vibe!

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5. We recently showed you Toni Sia’s impressive designer bag collection, which includes a ton of baguettes.

Here, she proves that modern tonal dressing can work with this 2000s staple!

6. Speaking of monochromes, Rei Germar is known for being adventurous when it comes to color, so we weren’t surprised to see her in a lime green number complete with a baguette bag!

Take cues from her by trying other colors, too, like hot pink or baby blue. 

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7. Not into the loud colors of the early aughts? You can always go the subdued route like Ashley Colet, who wore a tan baguette with a fresh, nude-hued outfit.

See how she subtly sneaked in a cheetah print? Major minimalist peg!

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8. Here, Andrea Brillantes rocks her very own Prada Re-Edition with an on-point Y2K camisole and cute jewelry.

Yup, looks like matchy-matchy is one of the go-to combos! A look that Dua Lipa would definitely approve of!

9. For those who love a rustic color palette, take cues from Angelina Cruz, who paired her brown baguette with greige pants and a lighter-hued tube top.

A casual outfit that can take you from errands to brunch!

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10. Leave it to Arabella Racelis, aka ThatsBella, to make a simple outfit look cool!

Here, she totes her nude Prada Re-Edition with neutrals: a white tee, cream-colored trousers, and matching sneakers! A breath of fresh air, indeed.

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11. Y2K-obsessed Aika Agustin accents her cornflower blue top with an aqua mini shoulder bag that makes us so happy just by looking at it.

Monochromes are foolproof, but there’s no harm in mixing in other hues as well.