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These Beaded Bags Are So, So Pretty, You'll Want To Collect Them All

The perfect definition of arm candy.
PHOTO: Michelle The Label

Raise your hands if you had-or at least wanted-that stylish beaded bag as the resident kikay when you were a kid. The adult you would have absolutely rocked it if you still had them. Time to test that claim with local brand Michelle The Label's range of fashionable bead bags. Looking for that added flair in your daily bag rotation? Then these pieces are made for you. 

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Check out Michelle The Label's bead bags:

The bead bags are nothing short of functional and stylish. If as a kid, it carried the spare change you never returned to your Mom or pretend makeup during childhood, today's bag will now contain your adult money, not-so-pretend makeup, and even more essentials like a phone, keys, and wallet.

Michelle The Label has bags in different silhouettes in their lineup: box bags, chunky handbags, brick bags, sling bags, and so much more. They also have a series that features pearls rather than the usual beads. They also offer the daintiest earrings.


Our fave has to be the Yuna handbag, especially in lilac. The piece just screams dainty Y2K. The regular size retails at P1,700 while the petite is at P1,300. If you're a tiny bag girlie, there's the Alice a.k.a their tiniest bag yet (P2,000). It comes with a strap and is available in various colors. It can fit all your makeup essentials inside without fuss.

All their bags are slow-made, handmade, and, true enough: "anything but ordinary." They're made to order, and it'll take a few weeks for them to come home to you. Patience is a virtue, after all. They also require a 50% downpayment for their pre-orders, with the remaining balance to be settled before shipping.

However, they will have on-hand bags available from time to time. But you have to always be on the lookout for their posts. You can also shoot them a message on Instagram for orders and inquiries.

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Here's a glimpse of The Michelle Label's dainty bead bags:

the michelle label beaded bags yuna in lilac
PHOTO BY Michelle the Label
the michelle label emerald
PHOTO BY Michelle the Label
the michelle label brick bag
PHOTO BY Michelle the Label
the michelle label alice in pearl
PHOTO BY Michelle the Label

You can check them out online.

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