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10 Best-Dressed K-Pop Boys To Swoon Over

Handsome and stylish to boot!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/siwonchoi, (RIGHT) Instagram/xuminghao_o
  1. The8 

    The8's looks are the epitome of swoon-worthy androgyny! This Chinese b-boy is one of the members of Seventeen, who just dropped a music video last week!

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  2. Jackson Wang  

    If you're a little confused and wondering if Jackson is a musician or a model, it's because he's both! This Chinese heartthrob is not only GOT7's main rapper, but is also the face of big league brands like Pepsi and Fendi. In fact, his song, "Fendiman," is a bop he wrote for the iconic brand.

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  3. V

    BTS fans probably know their boy not only for his dashing good looks, but his killer sense of style never fails to make a statement too! To top it off, his solo song, "Intro: Singularity", is the starting track of BTS' Love Yourself: Tear album.

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  4. N

    VIXX's charismatic leader loves experimenting with pastel colors and more feminine styles. We love a guy who isn't afraid to wear unexpected pieces! Check out VIXX's latest album on Spotify, Eau De Vixx. 

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  5. Siwon Choi

    This Super Junior hottie, and my first bias ever (what's up, 2005 K-pop stans?), has been dressed to kill for more than 10 years in the industry! Check out Lo Siento if you wanna know what SuJu has been up to these days!

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  6. Kang Seungyoon

    If you're a Sandara fan, the leader of the boy group WINNER might look a little familiar. That's because Kang Seungyoon played the male lead opposite Dara in a 2015 web series, We Broke Up. Talk about a match made in street style heaven! Check out WINNER's smash hit "Really Really" if this stylish cutie caught your eye!

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  7. Lee Seunghoon

    Don't get Lee Seunghoon confused with his WINNER bandmate above, even though they both look gorgeous dressed like the ulzzang cuties they are! Baggy joggers and beanies look tres chic on this rapper!

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  8. G-Dragon

    Did you know BIGBANG's OG rapper used to date one of Japan's prominent It Girls, Kiko Mizuhara? Well, we wouldn't say no to him too, looking like that! Check out his latest collab with IU, Paletteif you wanna know what he's been up to these days.

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  9. Ravi

    VIXX seems to be filled to the brim with hot guys! Not that we're complaining, of course! If you're still not convinced, check out their rapper, Ravi, looking stunning in plaid and earthy tones. You're welcome.

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  10. BamBam 

    GOT7's maknae is a serious charmer—my group of friends and I all biased him when we started stanning GOT7! Once you see him modeling his own capsule collection, double B, and appearing on the cover of Garcon just a year later, you'll totally understand why we got BamBam fever!

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