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A Fan Theory Explains One Significant Detail In BTS' 'Idol' Music Video

If you're a curious ARMY, read on!
PHOTO: YouTube/ibighit

K-pop fans around the world still can't get enough of BTS' latest single, "IDOL," and the music video has already gained over 112 million views on YouTube! This is proof that the boys still got us hooked!

Naturally, BTS fans, who call themselves ARMY, took to Twitter when the "IDOL" teaser came out to break down a crucial detail in the MV. The boys of BTS chose to wear hanboks during certain parts of the MV and fans had pretty interesting ideas on the meaning behind this style choice below:

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In the thread, a BTS fan account explained that the hanboks worn by BTS sported a variety of colors and seemed to be made of lightweight materials, like silk. Hanboks like these were worn by upper class citizens of Korea, called Yangban. This could mean that BTS is proudly acknowledging themselves as one of the top boy groups of Korea (as they should, TBH). Coupled with all the loud K-pop elements they meant to showcase (bright colored outfits and loud graphics), everything in the music video just screams Korean pride!

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This theory hasn't been confirmed by BTS themselves, although the desire to tell their own story through the music they make is definitely central to BTS' creative process. At a recent press con, group leader and rapper RM explained, "What's clear is that we plan to continue to make the stories that we want to tell, that we feel like we should tell, and I think that in a short period of time, we'll probably do something else. The most important thing is that we tell the stories we want to."

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Keep doing you, boys! 

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