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Aga Muhlach Reveals Why Charlene Gonzalez Is *Not* Into Luxury Items

Aga shares Charlene's shopping mindset.
Aga Muhlach reveals Charlene Gonzales is not into luxury items
PHOTO: Instagram/itsmecharleneg, Instagram/agamuhlach317

Even celebrities tend to be aware of how much they should be spending when shopping. Case in point: Charlene Gonzalez. Her husband, Aga Muhlach revealed some interesting facts about her being the matipid one in their relationship.

The revelation began when asked Aga about the last gift he gave his wife. "Hindi ko rin puwede sabihin! Nakakahiya, parang masyado siyang bongga," he responded.

Although he was a bit hesitant to share more details, the actor dropped more hints about his recent gift to Charlene. "It's a material thing but the fact na named after her, parang ganun."

Aga Muhlach on Charlene Gonzalez' frugality

Aga disclosed that he's the one who tends to spend a lot between the two of them. He called Charlene the practical one in their relationship.

"Hindi magtatapon ng pera 'yan (Charlene)... Madaming pera asawa ko. Mas ano sa akin 'yun, mahilig mag-save 'yun, mag-invest 'yun," he remarked. He also noted that it was never a problem with him. In fact, he was inspired by her wife to save more for their future.


The actor also shared that they weren't the kind of people who shop a lot during overseas trips. He claimed, "We don't really shop, hindi kami (ma-)shopping na tao.

But of course, if something steals his wife's eye, he would gladly offer to buy it for her. However, Charlene has her way of ultimately refusing her husband's gesture to spend money on her. 

Aga admits that his Charlene sees him as magastos or an expensive-buyer. "She goes, "No!" Kasi ayaw niya akong gumagastos, e. Kasi alam niya magastos kasi ako kaya... kumbaga sinasabi niya sa akin, "Magtipid ka... Matuto ka magtipid,"" he told

Aga Muhlach comments on Charlene Gonzalez's attitude towards luxury items

Charlene isn't just conscious of how much Aga would spend, but most importantly, she's mindful of her spending. Her husband revealed that she would *rarely* buy luxury items, detailing that she was never into brands. 

"She's a very simple lady and she's not into (brands)... hindi siya yung ma-ganun. She has her own things, but she takes care of them," Aga said.

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He pointed out that Charlene would use some of her stuff, like bags, for about four years before she bought another one.

"Parang ang bag niya, bibili siya ng dalawang bag, 'yung two bags na 'yun, gagamitin niya talaga 'yun. It will last her three, four years until she changes it," Aga shared.

Aga described Charlene as the wise kind of consumer, especially when he mentioned that his wife would contemplate its cost-per-use. She wants to make the most out of her purchase.

He firmly declared, "'Yung bag na gusto niya, hahanapin niya yun, pag magagamit niya, bibilhin niya. Pag hindi niya kayang gamitin, alam niyang magagamit lang once or twice, she won't buy it. One hundred percent!" We wish we had this discipline when it comes to our shopping habits!

Aga and Charlene got married on May 28, 2001. They have been parents for the up-and-coming celebrity twins, Atasha and Andres. Just recently this 2024, they signed a contract with TV5 Network and the talent agency Viva Artists Agency Inc. We look forward to seeing and knowing more about the Muhlach family!


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