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Chie Filomeno Is Making A Case For Body Positivity With Her *Sexy* Outfit At The Preview Ball 2022

Chie Filomeno
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Ryan Ong, Instagram/chiefilomeno

We’re still on a high from last night’s Preview Ball where we spotted the most creative and fashionable OOTDs from our favorite celebrities. As we celebrated a new era of fashion and art, our guests made sure to bring their A-game with their sartorial choices as they sashayed on the pink carpet. Case in point: Chie Filomeno, who wore the most *daring* gown of the evening!

The young actress donned a sultry ensemble by Glademir Echavarre—a sheer black and red dress that shows just the right amount of skin for Chie to feel “very much herself.” After all, she's always been a true-blue hubadera, and a very chic one at that!

“We opted for the very Chienna [look],” the 26-year-old actress said when asked about her outfit.


Mind you, Chie’s hubadera look was more than just about showing skin, but a powerful message about being more confident and “body-positive” after years of dealing with body shamers and struggling to embrace her features (she even opened up about trying diets in the past that were dangerous due to the pressure of the society's unrealistic standards of looking "perfect"). Now, Chie admits that she has learned to love her body and encourages everyone to do the same!


“I love my body so much! No matter how skinny or whatever your size is, I know it’s hard, but you should also [love and accept] your body,” says the actress. “As long as you know that you’re healthy, especially your mind, everything will follow.”

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