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Cosmo Opens Up Noelle Cassandra's Egg Handbag

The classical musician keeps things simple with the daily essentials she keeps in the understated bag she brought to a Cosmo photo shoot.

Somehow, we have this notion of classical musicians as glamorous, high maintenance ladies with luxurious items in their boudoir. Well, popular harpist Noelle Cassandra is nothing like that. While she admits that her style when performing consists of very formal gowns, she's really a simple, laidback girl off-stage. This simplicity is reflected in the bag she brought to a Cosmo shoot--and even in its very basic contents.

Noelle Cassandra toted a pearly bag from Egg, a local brand, when she came to a Cosmo photo shoot, clad in a comfortable jacket and jeans ensemble. Far from our opera singer and classical performer stereotype, this sporty lady prefers t-shirts and jeans over bongga dresses (except when she's performing, of course). But she did say she loves bags--she loves them so much, in fact, that she doesn't care much about brands, for as long as they're the size she wants. The search for the “perfect” bag never ends, though, so she always finds herself scouting (and shopping) for it.

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See the basic things we found inside Noelle’s bag when you launch the gallery.

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