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Cosmo Scours The Contents of Princess Velasco's Longchamp Bag

It's Tuesday! It means it's now time to take a peek inside a celebrity's bag. This week, it would be that of the pretty Acoustic Princess.

You saw Princess Velasco for the first time in Cosmo last month, when we included her in one of our fashion editorials. After introducing you to her Taylor Swift-inspired dainty style, we now give you an inside scoop on her fashion favorite: her bag.

This 25-year old sweetheart came to the Cosmo shoot location looking fresh and very laidback in a plaid blouse, denim shorts, and white sneakers--and sans makeup. We immediately noticed her quite unique Longchamp tote. So, while Princess was having her hair done for the photo shoot, we asked her if we can take photos of her stuff just for you, bag-loving Cosmo chicks. She gladly gave us permission. Her Longchamp Le Pliage bag may seem relatively small, compared to some of the celebrity bags we've seen, but when we opened it, her daily essentials spewed out.

Since Princess herself admitted that, if there's one item she would definitely splurge on given the chance, it would be bags, this tote is probably just one of many that this pretty singer owns. See what she stuffs in it when you launch our gallery.

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