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Cosmo Top 10: Your Favorite Celebrity Bags loves looking at celebs' bags and what's in them--and you do, too! Check out the best of What's In My Bag? so far!
Featured just turned a year old this September! We've been giving you the fiercest fashion, the best in beauty, the hottest hunks, the loveliest celebrity ladies (and more!) for 12 whole months! To celebrate, we've been doing a Best of series so that long-time members can check out their favorite posts and new members can see what they've missed.

What's In My Bag? is one of our most popular sections, and with good reason! Girls love looking at kikay things, especially celebs' kikay things. We raided stars' bags (Hermes, Chanel, Goyard, Louis Vuitton, and more!)—with their permission, of course—and took pictures of everything inside to quell your curiosity.

What makeup products does this gorgeous artista use? What's your favorite star's signature scent? What kinds of gadgets does this actress have? What does this celeb bring to shoots, events, and press conferences? Now you can find out!

Click through to the Gallery below to check out who snagged a spot on the top 10 list of favorite celebrity bags!

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