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WATCH: We Love Divine Lee’s *Super Organized* Closet + Vanity

So simple but so nice!
PHOTO: (LEFT) YouTube/Divine Lee; (RIGHT) Instagram/divinemlee

Divine Lee has always been vocal about her neat-freak tendencies, and now, we have further proof that she’s *totally* home organization goals! Divine shared part one of her Manila closet and vanity tour, and we absolutely enjoyed hearing her explain her methods for designing and organizing her space.

Divine—who spends half her time in Manila, and the other half in Cebu—shared that her secret to organizing her stuff is simple: to sort things by purpose. While some people enjoy putting things with the same color together, for the mom of two, function is more important. She also shared that she designed her cabinets to make sure they fit her personal belongings: She used her high heels to measure how high and deep her shoe shelves should be. She did the same thing for her bags! 

Another highlight of Divine’s video is her vanity tour, wherein she showed how she organized her makeup and even explained how her vanity lighting is set up! She also shared that she opted to use a countertop commonly used for kitchens for her vanity table because it's easier to clean.

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What *really* got us though, was how she organizes her lipstick: Everything is labelled (as in, with numbers!) and swatched at the bottom of each tube so she can keep track of all her lippes. Ah-mazing! 

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Watch part one of Divine’s Manila closet and vanity tour below:

We can’t wait to see part two and her Cebu closet tour!

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