Fashion Flipbook: Bench Body

The hottest bods take center stage at Bench Body's scene-stealing show.

When the invite boasts of an R-rated show, you know you're in for a rip-roaring good time. Retail giant Bench served up a bevy of beauties (and hunks!) to model its latest designs in a spectacular runway show involving mind-blowing visuals (think trippy projections on huge screens) and a fist-pumping soundtrack. Bench Body endorser Borgy Manotoc opened the show with his sexy swagger, making way for an assortment of brightly colored skivvies accessorized with sporty flair. Cocoon-sleeved neoprene jackets, mesh running shorts, and caps with elongated visors all helped to bring an athletic aesthetic to the runway show. Jennylyn Mercado and the Semerad twins also graced the runway and garnered a hefty amount of applause from the crowd.

But the main event was definitely seeing international model Paolo Roldan strut his stuff as the brand's newest endorser. Stepping out in a pair of simple black briefs, he commanded the attention of every eye in the room, causing a sea of smartphones to immortalize the moment on Instagram. Overall, the superbrand did not disappoint.

Don't believe us? Launch the gallery to see for yourselves!

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