Heart Evangelista Just Revealed Her Genius Blazer Hack

You'll only need two rubber bands!
PHOTO: Instagram/Iamhearte

Another day, another Heart Evangelista vlog for us to enjoy. In Heart's latest video upload, she filmed how she got ready for a Sunday date with her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero. Cute, right?

Aside from revealing her favorite makeup products, Heart also showed her outfit: a sexy black cami under an animal print blazer paired with denim jeans. The highlight of the video for us, however, is when she shared how she keeps her sleeves perfectly pushed up every single time: She uses rubber bands to make the sleeves a little tighter, pushes up her sleeves, and then hides the rubber bands by pulling down the cloth! Apparently, she learned this from her stylist! So good, right?!

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No wonder she always looks THIS good in blazers:

Skip to 8:20 to see Heart's demo:

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