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All The Key Pieces You Need To Dress Like BLACKPINK's Jennie

Ranked from OTT to the most basic!
PHOTO: Instagram/jennierubyjane

If there’s any female idol who looks smashing in anything and everything she wears, it’s got to be BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim. A luxury label muse, a regular at the front row of fashion shows, and often spotted in the best stage and off-duty outfits, it’s no surprise that many of us look up to her as style inspo—and would want to dress like her!

Scroll down for the key pieces to shop if you’d like to channel our fave:

A corset

Oh god, you simply cannot be Jennie-esque without owning a corset! It's a cardinal rule to dressing like BLACKPINK’s stylish queen.

A corset is equivalent to a uniform in Jennie-speak, and most especially in stage Jennie-speak. So yes, a corset is a MUST. Get yourself one in black or in shockingly bright colors like a cobalt blue or fire truck red if you dare (refer to next item on this list for pegs).


A long-sleeved lace top (to wear underneath aforementioned corset!)

Okay, so apparently there are a gazillion long-sleeved lace tops to choose from. And there's actually a technique to pairing them well with your corset of choice! Want it simple and chic? Choose a plain black lace (no bling). Channeling Jennie’s onstage look? Pick a diamond-encrusted one.

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Sorry not sorry Chanel items

Sorry, we know the point of this article is to dress like Jennie and we don't really expect you to start buying Chanel (no one's stopping you if you can, though!), but when writing about Jennie's style, we simply. cannot. omit Chanel. I mean, we can't.

Chanel is to Jennie as Jennie is to Chanel. The luxury brand is a part of her style personality. If you do intend to buy a Chanel piece, make sure it looks nondescript—well, until you spot the iconic logo.


A tweed jacket

But of course! You cannot be a Chanel ambassadress without owning a ton of these supremely chic jackets! Jennie has quite a lot and we have to admit these expensive tweeds look madly great on her. Baby blue, white, a classic black—you name it, she's got it.

Time to buy yourself one, too! (Doesn't have to be Chanel, though, don’t worry—we won't tell!)


Tons of bling

Because a true style icon is fearless and piles on her bling—and lots of it!

Statement pearl earrings, diamond-decked rings, multi-strand necklaces and chokers—gotta wear 'em all like queen Jennie!


Red sweaters

Whether it's sunny outside or it’s Christmastime, and even when it’s an important day like releasing your first "Solo" debut song, a red sweater seems to be one of Jennie’s trusty, go-to pieces. Other than black and white, we often spot Jennie in hot red and we have to admit it complements her features well!


Polka dots

Alas, Jennie proves she’s human, too, and that she can also stoop to our level and wear rather ~normal~ things like a polka dotted dress. Note how she stays true to her usually black-and-white, Chanel-esque non-color palette.

Ruffly, frilly stuff a kindergartener would go crazy over!

Find a girl who can do both! Sexy, figure-hugging silhouettes aside, Jennie can turn the other way and be super girly…and cute. Bring on the tulle, florals, pinks, and all things fashionably feminine—she can pull off the look just as well.


How about both?

Ruffled, frilled, and polka dotted? Okay, game!!!

White tees in all shapes and sizes

Finally, the most regular fashion item of them all! If you have abs as sick as Jennie’s then go forth and get yourself tons of baby tees. You can also stick to the usual plain white tee you can find at home (there are a lot in your brother’s closet) or buy one from the men’s section at the department store.


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