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How To Pose On Instagram If You Love Wearing Backless Outfits

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/sarahlahbati, (RIGHT) Instagram/kelseymerritt

OOTDs have become a thing since Instagram blew up, and just when you thought you've mastered all the ways to expertly take one, here comes another method, made popular by the celebrities and style stars on your feed.

Outfit shots taken from the back used to be unthinkable, but fast-forward to 2019 and we've got ribbons, criss-cross ties, and many other fancy details to make the back angle of OOTDs a tad more interesting.

Below, a few celeb-approved back poses to try and the back-centric clothing you might want to buy:

Julia Barretto

The photo says it all: Yes to taking a work-break and traveling to your heart’s content, yes to embracing your body and showing off your assets (her back, being one of those!), and yes to outfits that make you feel bomb.

Worth the purchase: A 100% backless dress as Julia wears below, ideally in a summer-ready hue.


Sarah Lahbati

Sarah is always on point when it comes to her fashion—outfit shots included, of course. She’s bold and brave when it comes to sartorial choices, and we love how her style personality (elegance-meets-sexy) always translates into her looks.

Worth the purchase: A business in front, party at the back top like Sarah’s!

Yuki Tansengco

Yuki is never uptight about fashion—she’s game to freely play and explore with the staple pieces she already owns. Here, just so her back isn’t fully exposed and she can walk around the streets of Singapore confidently, she wears a super low backless dress layered over a bandeau. (Also try: A fun, printed bikini top to be worn underneath!)

Worth the purchase: A low, backless dress like Yuki’s that you can take from the beach (worn as a cover-up) to the city (worn as a top or a dress).

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Anne Curtis

As much as Anne loves low-cut tops and v-neck wrap-around dresses, she can flaunt a low-cut back, too! Aside from supporting her sister-in-law Solenn’s swimsuit design, she also makes a case for trading your usual bikini for a chic one-piece.

Worth the purchase: A low-back, one-piece swimwear that’s one of a kind!


Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia has always been one to dress modestly and hardly shows off any skin. And when she does decide to wear something relatively more ~*revealing*~, she usually has a way to make it still look elegant.

Worth the purchase: A formal gown with a chic, v-cut back.

Lovi Poe

Lovi is a proud hubadera, and with a body as fit and toned as hers, we can’t see why she shouldn’t be! We also love how Lovi knows the styles and cuts that work best for her petite frame.

Worth the purchase: A super-duper low-cut swimsuit that won’t give you annoying tan lines! (And maybe a tropical-print skirt to wear with it, too!)

Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey trades her usual teeny tiny skirts and super backless halter tops for this extremely low-cut jumpsuit that looks as comfy as it is stylish!

Worth the purchase: A low-back jumpsuit in an office pinstripe print to wear out and about on sunny errand days.

Kim Jones

We can’t help but feel dress-envy atm. The look is feminine, summer-ready, and fashion-forward, in true Kim Jones fashion.

Worth the purchase: A summer dress with an interesting back detail.


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