How To Take Fashionable OOTD Shots, According To Nadine Lustre

Time to level up your Instagram game.
PHOTO: instagram/nadine

Truly inspired by music, travel, fashion, and the love of her life, Nadine Lustre’s Instagram is spotlessly curated, and one we definitely envy. And TBH, more than stealing style ideas from the social media queen, we may as well copy the way she ‘grams the best of her OOTDs, too.

 Here are eight ways to do it.

  1. Sit down, shoe out.

    Taking an outfit shot while sitting down never looked this cool. It’s one way to get all the details in within a tight frame.

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  2. Towels out the bathroom!

    “I woke up like this” is a thing of the past. If you’re modelling fashion objects as small as your sunglasses or your teeny swimsuit, try the new “just got out of the shower” ~*glam*~.

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  3. Feet up on the table.

    This no-fail angle is totally flattering for everyone. Take the shot from above, as far as possible. (Try not to do it when your mom is around, though.)

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  4. With the BFFs who got your back.

    This is how you can create dramatic shots with your favorite girl bestie, and flaunt the back details of your look while at it.

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  5. ~Lounge around~

    Capture the best of everything: The view and yout ~*lewk*~.

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  6. Immerse yourself in nature.

    We all know plants are great for ~framing~ but Nadine does it so well, and literally loves to hide in a jungle of them! It’s a good way to direct the focus on your accessories and beauty look.

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  7. Upside-down selfies.

    As opposed to a regular selfie, this will make your followers stop and take a look. Also, shooting while lying down also gives you better control of your background (read: no photo-bombers!).

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  8. Cuddle up with your man.

    When your outfits and hearts are in sync, it will show through the photos. No better example than Nadine and James!

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