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11 Cool Ways To ~Upcycle~ Your Clothes For A Wardrobe Refresh

These methods help the environment, too.
upcycling clothing tips
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) TikTok/mayahavana, TikTok/ivyelizabethee, TikTok/mayahavana

Fun fact: one of the most sustainable hobbies you can adopt is learning how to upcycle clothes. In addition to reducing waste and leaning away from fast fashion, reinventing your old wardrobe pieces also offers a load of other benefits: you get to learn a cool new skill (which is always handy, right?), you end up with something bespoke and customized to your own personal style and, well, nobody else will have said item. Heck, you might even find you enjoy getting a little crafty, because Lord knows I, for one, am so over puzzles now.

To that end, we've surfed the web to bring you the best upcycling fashion tips on the internet (from DIY ideas to upcycling designers sharing their fave hacks). From TikTok creators turning their jeans into oh-so-trendy bucket hats to our very own Cosmo team members showing you how to get in on the tie-dye craze, your wardrobe's about to get approx 300 times snazzier. You're welcome.

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11 Ways to Upcycle Your Clothes

1. T-shirt into a going-out top


Cute top to make from an old T-shirt @tiktok_uk  #LearnOnTikTok #sewingtutorial #upcycle #sewingdiy

? original sound - Maya Cooper Evans

Cut-outs are a major trend for spring/summer 2021, and we love that Maya Cooper Evans shows us how to get in on the new season vibe without spending a single buck.

2. Patchwork jeans


I started free styling and... did I take it to far ???? #recycledfashion #levisjeans #reworkedvintage #fashiondesigner

? Woah (feat. D3Mstreet) - KRYPTO9095

Ah yes, here's a classic—'70s-inspired patchwork jeans are making a comeback and fashion artist Jordy Vaesen shows us how it's done.

3. Jeans into a bucket hat


simple bucket hat made of a thrifted pair of levi’s! my bucket hat pattern + tutorial are already on youtube :)) #diy #sewing #upcycle

? Tokyo - Lo-Fi version - Leat'eq

Ok, we are kinda obsessed with this funky bucket hat from @conceptsbynikki. I can totally imagine Phoebe Buffay rocking this bag.

4. Tie-dye your old tops

How to Tie-Dye T-Shirts: 3 Easy Methods to Try at Home

Tie-dye is here to stay, folks, and we couldn't be happier—this trend is equal parts nostalgic and fun. Here's how to do it yourself.

5. Hoodie into a corset


wait till the end???? the bleach pen might be my new favorite tool.. @depop  #depop #destinationdepop #fyp #thriftflip

? Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) - Doja Cat

BRB, designer Ivy Elizabeth turns hoodies into corsets and it's everything.

6. Tights into a scrunchie and socks


up-cycling some old tights ???????? #fyp #thriftflips #scrunchies #glitter #diy #sewing #xyzbca #lettucehem #socks

? Pink - Amelia Butler

Give the leggings sitting in your drawer another lease of life by bringing them back as funky socks and an '80s-inspired scrunchie, tutorial courtesy of @j.waps.

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7. Embellish blazer


#ad giving you militant chic, with no sew ????? #thrifting #upcycling #DIY #tiktokfashion  #fyp #depop

? GET YOU SOME - Gibbz

Blazers are a wardrobe staple for a reason: they're so damn versatile. Give your tailored jacket a fre$h spin with the help of a shorter hemline and some bedazzlement, as shown by @decadenz.

8. Jeans into denim shorts


This fre$h throwback hack comes just in time for summer.

9. Add details to your t-shirt


Easy T-shirt Upcycle! @tiktok_uk  #LearnOnTikTok #sewingtutorial #sewingdiy #upcycle

? original sound - Maya Cooper Evans

Here's another super-easy trick from Maya Cooper Evans taking your tee from 0 to 100 with minimum effort.

10. Designer shopping bag into a handbag


Follow me.I well show more#handbag #bags #lvbag #DIY #luxury #fyp #ShowerWithMoxie

? original sound - Chloe Gottschalk

Do you also hoard onto any designer bag in the hope you might, one day, have a use for them? Well, then, today is that day.

11. Oversized sweatshirt into a dress


here’s an easy tutorial for those new to thrift flipping! #sewing #diy #thriftflip #upcycle #reworked #fashion #style #fyp #foryou

? Steven Universe - L.Dre

Nothing sums up our post-lockdown wardrobe better than this transformation, from Paige Sechrist.


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